Melnikov Dmitriy

Moscow, Russia


From the very foundation of the Crocodile Dmitry Ivanovich Melnikov collaborated in it. Especially a lot of his drawings were placed in 1922-1923, and also in 1929-1930. Although they differed in a kind of sharpness and testified to the author’s great vigilance, they lost considerably against the background of works by such masters as Moore, Cheremnykh and Malyutin. Melnikov belonged to a number of caricaturists, confident that the nature of the funny lies in the deliberate distortion of the human form. Probably, that’s why the angular manner of his graphic handwriting, the emphasized dryness and monotony of the stroke, are so striking. More interesting and more expressive are his works on topics related to art; in particular, he managed to get sharp caricatures of artists and writers (Chaliapin, Stanislavsky, Yuzhin, Demyan Bedny).

CHANGE OF GENERATIONS (IP Abramsky “Laughter Strong)

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