Melihan Constantine

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Cartoonist, writer – humorist

He was born on September 27, 1952 in St. Petersburg.
Famous writer brought humorous books for adults and children and performances on the stage with his own works, he also drew cartoons, created scripts for cartoons.
Member of the TV programs “Around the laughter” (1985-1991), “Smehopanorama”, “Classics of humor”, “Joke for a joke”, “Jurmala” (2008 and 2009), etc. Author of miniatures, performed in the programs “Full house”, “Town “. The host of the program “Sleep with dreams” (Radio of Russia, 2000-2003).
He created aphoristic images of the Russian gentleman and donjuan (70s), “Calendur” (1990).
Leader of the weekly author’s program “Gentlemen’s Club” (VOT channel, 2008-2009).
• 60-ies. Pioneer newspapers. Poems, jokes, caricatures.
• 70-ies. Stories about the schoolboy Rogove. Publications in children’s magazines. Broadcasts “Good morning!”. Creates in his aphorisms images of a Russian gentleman and donjuan. Publications in Soviet and foreign humorous publications.
• 1975. The first publication in the magazine “Crocodile” (competition “Madonna-75”).
• 1977. The first publication in the “Club of 12 Chairs” of the Literary Gazette. Admitted to the Leningrad Club of Humor. The first public performances of their own works.
• 1980-1997. Chairman of the Leningrad (Petersburg) Club of humor until its collapse.
In 1983-1996 he was the head of the department. department of satire of the journal “Aurora”.
In 1985 he entered the anthology of the Russian humorous story. Scenarios of the cartoons “Window” and “My Family”.
• 1985-1991. Every year he participates in the programs of the Central Television “Around Laughter”.
• 1989. Collection of short stories, parodies and miniatures “Carousel” (Together with Semyon Altov).
• 1990. Invented “Calendure” (the first publication).
• 1990. The book “Gentleman and Don Juan”.
• 1991. Included in the collection of the section of the aphorism of the Leningrad House of Scientists “1000 trifles”.
• 1993. The story-tale “Tornado”, “Aurora” No. 6.
• 1994. The book “Gentleman, Don Juan, a diplomat”. A documentary story about a trip to Denmark.
• 1995. The book “The Word of a Gentleman”. It enters the Dictionary of paradoxical definitions.
• 1996. Included in the Encyclopedia of the Hooligan Orthodox. The story-tale “Star Dog, or The New Adventures of the Sorbent”, “Aurora” No. 2.
• In 1997 he was admitted to the Writers’ Union of St. Petersburg.
• 1998. Included in the anthology “The Big Book of Aphorisms”, in the collection of aphorisms “Women are capable of everything”.
• 1999. The book “Yumoirs”. Included in the collections of aphorisms “raspberry jam Law,” “Murphy’s Law and other laws”, “Work is not a wolf …”, “cheap politics does not happen,” “Four people age”, “weakness of the stronger sex”, “Love – a hole in the heart “,” Aforistikon, or the Most Explanatory Dictionary “,” 2000 best aphorisms by the year 2000 “.
• 2000. The book “The Don Juan Diary”. Included in the collection of the best aphorisms Russian “Placer”, in the collections of aphorisms, “The book of practical wisdom,” “All of the science.”
• 2000-2003. Radio of Russia. The host of the weekly musical and entertainment program “Sleep with dreams”.
• 2001. Creates the St. Petersburg Club of Gentlemen. Establishes the award “Porcelain Gentleman”.
• 2002. Included in the anthology “Modern domestic aphoristics”.
• 2003. The book “Ohmurizmy”. Included in the Anthology of satire and humor Russia XX century “aphorism and caricature” in “Universal quote pad politician and journalist,” in “Universal businessman and manager quote pad”.
• 2006. The leader of the daily informational and satirical rubric “Gentleman-press” (CTC TV channel).
• 2008-2009. The participant of humorous programs “Jurmala-2008” and “Jurmala-2009” (TV channel “Russia”). Leader of the weekly author’s program “The Club of Gentlemen” (TV channel WOT).
2009. Books “Vitamin Yu” and “Notes on napkins.”


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