Malakhovsky Bronislav

Saint Petersburg, Russia

21.09.1902 - 27.08.1937

Cartoonist, architect, illustrator

Graphic artist, cartoonist, illustrator, architect. Born in St Petersburg (1902) in the family of famous engineer and inventor Bronislav Malakhovsky (1867–1934).
Studied architecture under Ivan Fomin at the VKhUTEMAS (1920–26).
Illustrated books, including Alexei Tolstoy’s The Golden Key and the Adventures of Pinocchio(from 1925). Collaborated with various magazines, including Siskin and Hedgehog(from 1926). Helped to design the All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine (from 1933).
Contributed to exhibitions (from 1927).
Arrested and executed in Leningrad (1937).

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