McCarthy Fred

Boston, United States



American cartoonist born in Boston. Massachusetts, on September 5, 1918. Fred McCarthy was educated at Boston College and took the vows of the Franciscan order, becoming Father McCarthy, and drawing all the while. He was art editor of school papers (drawing sports and spot cartoons) and of the Friar magazine (1953-57). In 1953 he created Brother Juniper, a panel about a Franciscan, and by 1957 it had been collected in book form. The next year it was syndicated as a newspaper panel.
McCarthy received permission from Rome to leave the order and has since continued Brother Juniper as a layman. He has lectured on the subject of humor and cartoons at more than fifty colleges, including Yale, MIT, Georgia and Georgia Tech, and he even taught a course on Jewish humor at the University of Miami in Florida! McCarthy’s style is charming and deceptively simple (it should be noted that because of time pressures, Len Reno ghosted the art for years). His concepts, like Juniper’s personality, exude Franciscan warmth.

the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons 1981

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