Mayorenko Georgiy

Kiev, Ukraine

Cartoonist, illustrator

Was born in Kiev in 1964.
Favorite artists: Boris Efimov, Kukryniksy, Bidstrup, Jean Efel.
Studied at art studio before school.
In 1983 graduated from Shevchenko Republican Art School.
Then graduated from Ivan Fedorov Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute (Kiev), majoring in “book graphics”.
Since 1990, after graduation, extensively contributed to republican publishing houses in the genre of book graphics for children.

Contributed to the magazines “Barvinok”, “Malyatko”, “Doshkilne vihovannya”; the publishing houses “Veselka”, “Grono”, “Leleka” issued many children’s books with his illustrations.
Since 1991 began to contribute to the Ukrainian press.
The regular author of the magazines “Perets”, “Crocodile” (Ukraine), “Vozhzhik” (Minsk), and more than 20 newspapers. Participant in all-Ukrainian and international cartoon contests. Won prizes in Iran, Slovenia, Ukraine.

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