Sixta George

Chicago, United States




American cartoonist born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 13, 1909.
George Sixta went to school in his native Chicago. While in high school, he took classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, where he worked under Everett Lowry (1927-28).
In 1929 Sixta joined the art staff of the Chicago Times, contributing gag cartoons, illustrations and spot drawings, and building a steady reputation as he went.
In 1941 he created a newspaper strip, Dick Draper. Foreign Correspondent, which he abandoned a few months later to join the U.S. Navy.
Sixta was serving in the public relations office of the Department of the Navy when he sold a gag panel to the Saturday Evening Post in 1944: titled Rivets, it was about a frisky mutt whose well-meaning but clumsy affections usually created havoc around him. Discharged from the navy after the war. Sixta went back to freelancing cartoons and created two more panels, One for the Book and Hit or Miss.
In 1953 Publishers Syndicate (now Field Newspaper Syndicate) took over Rivets, which then began syndication as a regular newspaper strip; Sixta has devoted most of his time to this feature ever since.

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