My new exciting cartoon contest: DLRM Cartoon and Graphic Contest! Regards: István Kelemen Hungary

The popular hungari DLRM band’s latest record was just realesed. The new album contains the
Stalemate” song.

Please, listen to this song and get inspired!
Draw a cartoon based on the lyric and music that you had heart before than
some graphic or video
and paint something related to the song.
Note! Best videos will be played at concerts promoting also the artists!
The music can be found here

> (just click ont he link , and y ou will be directed to youtube)

The lyric s can be found here, for your help

Stalemate (lyrics)

I dont wanna spend my time being overhypnotized
But to be honest it is happening at every single night
What the bloody hell do you think when you look into my eyes
Cause i can see an angel who’s too cheeky to fly

I’ll be your super clown you
Could use me any time but you dont know
That i might be older, i’ll risk to be sober so its might be over
If you were just hangin around i’d probably just take my time
But the night was short and im still not sober yeah i’ve gone too far but i’ll text you later

Make me your your terror your pistol
You should make your decision cause i’ve already chosen mine
But in a stalemate situation nobody knows what its all about

Why why are you talking like we
Were something else that we used to be

You should make your decision cause i’ve already cho sen mine
But in a stalemate situation nobody knows what its all about
You should make your decision
In a stalemate situation
You should make your decision
In a stalemate situation

The DLRM’s website can be found here by clicking on the link HERE
Those people can participate who at least 18 years old
The competition has only 1 round.
Each aspirant can provide a maximum
of 10 graphic content that DOES NOT HAVE lyric provided
The file extension MUST BE the following… ( CYMK, jpg etc..)
and has to be HIGH quality.
video: .avi, .wmv, .mov, .mp4,
(Please be aware of that, gmail can store
the attachment which is maximum 10MB)
All the cartoons should be sent to the following email address;
The deadline is July 31. 2017
Prises are the following…
1st place -> 300€
2nd place -> 200€
3rd place -> 100€
All the aspirants are aware of that sending their Graphic
Content, they ARE AGREED that the jury’s
decision is definitive and all rights are reserved.
The aspirant
contribute that the given graphic content can be used by the DLRM band FREELY and
to the cartoon competition.
All th
e public information can be accesed here -Cartoon-Graphic-Contest

Asking further information can be required
We wish all the aspirants a succesful competition!
the use or unauthorized use of trademarks, logos or copyrights. The uploaded content may
not contain any intellectual
property rights that are protected by law or are in force, unless the
right of use is granted to the player.
– Promotion of commercial products and services.
– Using pornographic or sexual content.
– Any kind of hateful content (including racism, sexism, etc.).
– Any violent, offensive content or any offensive / indecent, obscene, inappropriate content
(hate speech, political symbols, demonstration).

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