“Center of Humor”

Moscow, Russia

Creative association, which existed in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
The founder of the association is the artist-cartoonist Valentin Rozantsev.
The center of humor rallied around itself (clubs) caricaturists and individual artists.
The center of humor was part of the international organization FECO.
Successfully held about a dozen caricature competitions.
The prospect of the association was the creation in Moscow of a permanent exhibition hall with a museum and a library, assistance to the beginning authors and their encouragement. Popularization of caricature as an independent genre.
Two exhibitions were held in the USA and an exhibition-sale in Germany (a collection was published).
The caricature center helped authors in publications and invariably published catalogs with drawings, after each contest and subsequent exhibition.
In his last years of existence, the humor center published a humorous newspaper ” Iron ”.

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