Club caricature “STO”

Tyumen, Russia

In 1989, on April 25, the first meeting of the “Union of Tyumen Optimists” was held in the conference hall of the regional scientific library.
In order to create a Siberian center of humor.
In the spring of 1990, with the assistance of the Central District Committee of the Komsomol in Tyumen (2nd Secretary of the District Committee of V. Shevchik), the 1st All-Union Competition of Cartoons was held.

On the topic – “A spoonful of humor in a barrel of oil!”
The exhibition of cartoons was located from April to June in the recreation center “Geologist”.
The same 90-th year is dated to the periodic publication of thematic humorous pages in various Tyumen and regional newspapers: Tyumen truth, Tyumen Komsomolets, Tyumen sheets, etc.

The bands were called “Prosto” and “Prikol”.
As caricatures and photo collages, and the texts were produced by the formed creative collective of “SRT”: Nikolai Rachkov (chairman of the club), Dmitry Korolev, Evgeni Kran and Alexei Kungurov.

The exhibition was held in the hall of the regional scientific and methodological center of the main department of culture of Tyumen.

In 1993, the 1st International Cartoon Contest, Collage and Anecdote “Barter-93” started.
The size of the prize fund reached – 200 000 rubles, but due to the given style – barter, the prizes were in the form of TV and radio electronics and a voucher for a boat cruise along the Tyumen northern rivers. The contest received more than 500 works from 115 authors from many cities and countries.

The exhibition from March 12 to April 15 was held in the hall of Omno-Kultura in Tyumen.
In August 1994, the presentation of the 2nd International Caricature and Collage Festival “Jubilee-94” was held. About 1000 works from 165 artists from 20 countries of the world came to the contest.
Its grand opening took place in the recreation center “Geologist” on August 5.

From 1995 to June 1996, the 3rd international cartoon competition “Eh, Service!” Was held. Profits from 100 artists from 22 countries.
At the inauguration of the exhibition, a greeting telegram was sent from General A. Lebed (then a candidate for the presidency of Russia).
Later the president of the “SRT” – N. Rachkov moved to Moscow and the Tyumen club of caricaturists ceased to exist.

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