Club of cartoonists “Masterpiece”

Voronezh, Russia

The club was formed on December 6 in 1986 in Voronezh.
Hence the name “MASTERPIECE” was born.
The initiator of the creation, and later his chairman was Ivan Anchukov.
The club eventually became professional.
Voronezh cartoonists took shape as a legal entity, had a solid bank account and learned to hold friendly parties at the expense of the column “household expenses”. With respect to the coefficient of labor participation, members of the club received wages.
Money the club earned from the exhibition and promotional activities.
Club Voronezh branch of the Union of Artists has been allocated a workshop for the fact that fees from holding one exhibition of caricatures in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists exceeded the total fees from all other exhibitions for the year.
The customers of the club in the field of advertising were: Fire Safety Department, State Insurance and Sberbank and not only their Voronezh offices.
The club developed and published advertising posters and copies of special issues of newspapers for its customers.
The club, being a branch of the Center for Humor (Moscow), received the support of the president of the Center Valentin Rosantsev.
Great popularity in the city enjoyed regular thematic issues of the club’s wall newspaper in the show-window of the central cinema of the city. On earned money the club organized and held three all-union cartoon contests. One of them is a humorous collage competition.
According to the level of organization and holding of exhibitions, the number of participants and works received for the competitions, the objective jury and the level of the prize fund, the Voronezh cartoon contests were the best in the USSR. The club ceased to exist as a legal entity due to default and as a result of destructive activity from within one of the members of the club.
Later, Ivan Anchukov organized in Voronezh the publication of the advertising and information newspaper “Newspaper from the street Lizyukova” among whose staff was five members of the club. The editor is Sergey Elkin, the executive secretary is Dmitry Polukhin.
The journal “Anecdotes from Lizyukov Street” (editor – Alexander Meshkov) was published on the newspaper’s money for two years, a solid, full-color Almanac of humor was published, the basis of which was the work from the archive of the club, including the entries for the collage competition. Previously, the collage exhibition catalog was not published.
“Masterpiece” continued to work. Under the club mark, the Studio of Advertising Creativity of LLC “SHEDEVR” (Director – Ivan Anchukov) operates.

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