Club of cartoonists “Sabantuy”

Kazan, Russia

The Kazan club of cartoonists “Sabantuy” was created in 1990 by young
artists – cartoonists with the purpose of preservation and creative development
traditions of national and world art of caricature, satirical
graphics and folk art.
In order to create a cultural center – the “Cartoon Museum”, on the basis of permanent
exhibitions and contests of cartoons, posters, cartoons, comics and other kinds
satirical graphics.
In 1990 and 1993 “Sabantuy” in Kazan held two
international exhibitions: “Contest, fight, fight” and “Black gold”.
In the 1990s, together with various organizations: the city
affairs of children and youth of Kazan, the Center of children’s creativity and leisure
Vakhitovsky district, the newspaper “Kazan Gazette” were held
open city contests of children’s and youth cartoons “Up to 16 and
over “, with the organization of exhibitions.
In addition, for the period from 1990 to 2002
association “Sabantuy” held a number of its own exhibitions of cartoons,
graphics, cartoon, timed to various holidays and dates.
In 1996, the club was transformed into a creative public
organization (TMOOK) “Sabantuy” RT, which was headed by the famous Kazan
artist-cartoonist Vyacheslav Bibishev.
Currently, “Sabantuy” unites in its ranks
professional artists, graphic artists, illustrators, cartoonists,
masters of applied art, known for exhibitions and works in the media,
publications in the central and republican press, in newspapers and
journals: Trud, Izvestia, Soviet Sport, Komsomolskaya Pravda,
“AiF”, “Speed-Info”, “Kazan Gazette”, “Evening Kazan”,
“The Republic of Tatarstan”, “Youth of Tatarstan”, “Idel”, “Sabyig”, ”
“Salavat Cooper”, “Kazan”, “Kazan time”, “Freedom Square” and
many others, as well as in the humorous magazines Chayan, Krokodil,
“Pachemish”, as well as illustrations of books for book publishing and
publishing house “Idel-press”.
Many permanent authors of the humorous magazine “Chayan” are
members of TMOK “Sabantuy”.

Artists “Sabantuya” take an active part in the International
competitions and exhibitions held in different countries. Works of Kazan
masters were repeatedly noted on prestigious humorous
festivals in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Turkey,
Ukraine, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Japan, etc., where caricaturists,
adequately representing the Republic of Tatarstan, take prizes and
receive the highest awards – this is Ildus Azimov, Vyacheslav Bibishev, Farid
Vakhitov, Rushan Gataullin, Robert Takhoviev, Zagir Khakimov, Zufar Khakimov
and others.

Part of the cartoonists TMOOK “Sabantuy” are in the Union of Artists
RT, in the Union of Journalists of the RT, the others are preparing to enter into creative

In 2001-2002. ТМООК “Сабантуй” has lead: – International
competition-exhibition of the caricature “FILM 200! -200?”, which, besides
Kazan, was exhibited in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg;
-International competition of cartoons of satirical graphics “The World against
addiction “, with the organization of a large exhibition of humorous drawings and
cartoons, on this topic, in the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan. By
The results of the competition were held “round table” on the problems of drug addiction
and creativity of youth, with the involvement of psychologists, teachers,
doctors, sociologists, with the support of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and
Sports of the Republic of Tatarstan, with the participation of the Union of Artists and the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Tatarstan. By
The results of the competitions were produced by catalogs, in accordance with
adopted by international norms and rules for conducting similar

In 2006 cartoonists TMOK “Sabantuy” made an initiative
Carrying out the International Caricature Competition “Move, You’re Not in the World”
one! “. Which with success and spent 20.12.06 – 10.01.07!

Vyacheslav Bibishev

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