Club of cartoonists “PeCari”

Perm, Russia

The club of Perm cartoonists “PeKari” was born in mid-1996.
Lemekhov Leonid is the president of the community.
The club consists of: Kivokurtsev Alexey, Lemekhov Leonid, Slobozhanin Mikhail, Permyakov Mikhail, Shchelkonogov Yuri, Bashin Andrey, Chekmenev Sergey, Limonov Oleg, Kononov Dmitry, Khasanov Fardis (Lysva).

For a decade of existence, cartoonists took part in many city actions:
Exhibitions at the Perm Fair “ART-Perm” from 2000 to 2007.
Issue of a monthly humorous page in the newspaper “Permskie Novosti” since 2005.
Exhibition in the library named after AM Gorky.
In 2004, an international contest of the cartoon “Museum and Spectator” was held with the final exhibition in the art gallery.
Exhibition in the CDC, dedicated to the festival “And snow, and ice, flame” – February 2005.
Exhibition in the CDC “12 chairs” – March 2005.
Exhibition in the White Living Room in the City Duma – November-December 2005, April 2007.
Exhibition in the Soldatov Cultural Center “Perm – the city of the future” – December 2005.
Exhibition in the Soldatov Cultural Center “We are 10 years old” – March-April 2006.
The exhibition in the Pushkin library “Protivene” – April-May 2006.
City action “Color bear” – September 2006.
Artists Dmitry Kononov and Alexey Kikokurtsev are members of the Polish Good Humor Party.
Several times Dmitry Kononov (1995, 1996,1998, 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2006) and Alexey Kivokurtsov (2000, 2003, 2005) were invited to the most famous festival among all the cartoonists in Saint-Just- Le Martel (France).
Kononov Dmitry was invited to join the jury of the international caricature competition in Ekaterinburg in 2006.
Dmitry Kononov and Alexey Kikokurtsev were invited to “jury” the 1st city comics competition among schoolchildren – March 2007
The backbone of the club, consisting of artists Lemehov Leonid, Kivokurtsev Alexei, Slobozhanin Mikhail, Permyakov Mikhail and Dmitry Kononov, collected a few dozen Russian and foreign prizes.

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