Club caricature “MK”

Moscow, Russia

The club of cartoonists under the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets was created in 1976, on the initiative of Andrei Ryzhov, Arshak Oganesyan and Vladimir Uborevich-Borovskiy.

The members of the club were: Sergey Stetsky, Vladimir Khakhanov, Vladimir Sakharov, Oleg Pomochilin, Alexander Klishchenko, Vladimir Vasiliev, Andrei Bilzho, Valery Khomyakov, Oleg Estis, Galina Zaslavskaya, Vladimir Burkin, Vadim Konoplyansky, Alexey Merinov, Alexei Chervyakov, Alexander Gorbarukov, Igor Novikov, Sergei Bogachev, Alexei Yorsh and others.

The club held a large number of exhibitions, both in Moscow and in Moscow suburbs, including joint Soviet-Bulgarian ones.
The club regularly organized master classes for novice authors, both on its own, and by inviting authors such as Valentin Rosantsev, Oleg Tesler, Sergei Tyunin, etc. Thanks to the participation of the Club in the preliminary selection of the “Cartoon Tour”, “MK” stood on a par with popular “Eccentrics” in “LH”, “Smena” and “Chemistry and Life”.

Since 1977, the Club began to send collective works to international competitions.
The club ceased to exist in 1986 because of the changed concept of the publication.

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