Grotesk, club

Omsk, Russia

The club of cartoonists “Grotesque” was created in 1984, by caricaturist artist Vyacheslav Potapov, becoming the successor of the club “The Jolly Unit” in the newspaper “Young Siberians” (1975). The chairman of the club is Mark Semenovich Mudrik.
Members of the club: Vorozhov Mikhail, Udalov Vladimir, Radzievsky Pavel, Nikolay Kirichenko, Vasily Krivunchko, Evgeny Remenyuk, and others.

The very first self-financing club in the USSR, with the right to conduct paid exhibitions and pay artists.
The club held two international competitions on the theme “Marathon” in 1990-91. and more than 2 dozens of competitions in city newspapers.
Based on the results of the club’s work, commercial cartoon collections were produced, with a total circulation of 70,000 copies.

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