Cartoon House

Moscow, Russia

In 1997, a team of like-minded people consisting of 4 people:
artists cartoonists Igor Smirnov, Marat Valiakhmetov and journalists Sergei Yurovsky and Oleg Aleksandrov. For ZAO “House of the caricature” was arrested with the creation in Moscow of an organization capable of uniting around itself cartoonists of Russia and the creation of a museum of caricatures. A year later, journalists left the company.
The beginning was supported by the Russian Academy of Arts. In the Government of Russia, too, was sympathetic to the initiative and with his assistance, the House of Cartoons came under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

The Moscow City Hall was allocated a room in a ramshackle building on Taganskaya Square, used by an extraneous organization.
CJSC “House of Cartoon” existed for 2 years and was closed for the inability to ensure its activities in cash.
The house of the caricature held a contest on the topic “In vino veritas”, with the prospect of an exhibition in the city of Bordeaux, France (the exhibition did not take place) and an exhibition titled “Light and Dark” on Beer in the Russian-German House in Moscow.

“Masters of the Russian Cartoon”. “An Anthology of the Russian Cartoon” in three volumes and series of albums “The Masters of the Russian Cartoon”.

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