Archigum cartoon club


Kiev club of cartoonists
Kiev club of cartoonists “Archigum” arose in Kiev on April 1, 1983.
The board of the club included cartoonists, who jokingly called “four K”.
The chairman of the club is Viktor Kudin, members of the board Anatoly Kazansky, Yury Kosobukin and Vladimir Kazanevsky.

In the Republican House of Architects from then until the present days of the holding of the April Fairs of cartoons under the guise of ARHIGUM.
The works of the club members were also exhibited in some German cities, such as Tübingen and others. An album of caricatures of members of the Karikatura: sowjetische Karikaturen im Zeichen von Glasnost club was also published there in 1991.
For the years of the club’s existence, the work of cartoonists was awarded prizes in more than the world’s world.
Such prizes, including the Grand Prix, there are more than seven hundred.

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