Carter Daniel

Illustrator, writer, politician Beard was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, into a family of artists. As a youth in Painesville, he explored the woods and made sketches of nature. His father was the artist James Henry Beard and his mother was Mary Caroline (Carter) Beard. His uncle was the artist William Holbrook Beard. He lived at 322 East Third Street in Covington, Kentucky near the Licking River, […]

Bradley Luther Daniels

Connecticut Luther Bradley moved with his family to Chicago in 1857 and received his early education at Lake Forest Academy and Northwestern University; he attended Yale University until 1875, when he began to work in his father’s real estate office. In 1882 wanderlust and illness apparently, he was sick of ledger work combined to lure […]

Boucquey Omer

Animator, cartoonist Born in Dunkirk, northern France, on August 17, 1921. After studying drawing in high school, Omer Boucquey worked as an animator for advertising films. In 1942 he created the character Choupinet, a feisty little boy living in medieval times. Choupinet helped build the cathedrals, settled the fighting between rival barons and even took […]

Clay Edward Williams

Cartoonist, illustrator Edward Williams Clay (April 17, 1799 – December 31, 1857) was an American artist, illustrator and political cartoonist. He created the notoriously racist collection of lithographs titled Life in Philadelphia. He In 1799, Edward Williams Clay was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents were Robert Clay and Eliza Williams. Robert Clay was a […]

Wright Douglas Austin

Cartoonist Douglas Austin Wright  was a Canadian cartoonist, best known for his weekly comic strip Doug Wright’s Family (1949–1980; also known as Nipper). The Doug Wright Awards are named after him to honour excellence in Canadian cartooning. After emigrating to Canada in 1938, Wright worked as an illustrator at an insurance company before serving in […]

Soviet period magazines and newspapers

Tokmak Chudak Rupor, magazine, Moscow, USSR Vanya Kursky satirical bulletin, Kursk, SSSR Snapshot, magazine, Barnaul, SSSR Cheek, magazine, Rybinsk, SSSR Northern Bear, Yaroslavl, USSR Bayonet, magazine, Irkutsk, SSSR Siberian Plague, magazine, Krasnoyarsk, USSR Scorpion, magazine, Novosibirsk, USSR Scorpion, magazine, Astrakhan, USSR Skvoznyak, Karelian Front, the USSR Skvoznyak, magazine, Bryansk, the USSR Smekhach, magazine, Moscow-Leningrad, USSR […]


¡Cu-cut! was a Catalan illustrated satirical magazine, written in Catalan. Published in Barcelona between 1902 and 1912, it followed the political line marked by Francesc Cambó’s Lliga Regionalista. History ¡Cu-cut!, named after the cuckoo bird (Catalan: Cucut), was first published on 2 January 1902 and, like El Be Negre magazine that would be published later, it steadfastly opposed Lerrouxism in Spain. Its director was Manuel Folch i Torres and most articles were written […]

Caricature Israeli leaders E. Barak and D. Levy in the guise of Nazis. A cartoon from the Arab press.

Content 1 Caricature of Jews 1.1 The first caricatured images of Jews 1.2 Thirteenth – nineteenth century 1.3 The twentieth century 1.3.1 A new type of anti-Semitic caricature 2 Participation of Jews in the development of the art of caricature 3 Caricature in the Jewish environment 4 Caricature in Israel   Caricature of Jews The […]


The caricature as  as  specific place of  art, with its free, meager  (if looked at from visually and aesthetic side) and witty  drawing, has a basic function: to make its consu-mers laugh by  critisizing, ridiculing and eveng stigmatizing some human or social, moral and virtues short comings some  negative phenomena. This function of the caricature […]

Arnold Karl

Painter, cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer Karl Maximilian Arnold, born into the family of Bavarian entrepreneur and politician Max Oskar Arnold, was the fourth of nine children. After receiving secondary education, he studies drawing and modeling at an industrial and craft school in his hometown. In the autumn of 1901, he came to Munich and […]

Bernal Antonio Arias

1914 – 1960 Cartoonist Arias Bernal known as ‘The Brigadier’ was one of the most important political caricaturists of Mexico during the first half of the 20th Century. He launched a new and original style, characterized by simple strokes full of wit and irony. His drawings were published on Mexican magazines such as Hoy y Mañana. In […]

Andersson Oscar

Cartoonist, comic artist, animator Oscar Emil “O.A.” Andersson ― started working as a teenager at the Royal Mint. When he realized that his passion was connected with drawing, he entered a Technology school and graduated with honors. However, he was not interested in the design. His teacher, Caleb Altin, encouraged him to take up caricature. […]

Andersson Martin

1854 – 1932 Painter, cartoonist, illustrator Martin Anderson was born in Leuchars, Fife, in 1854. After his mother, Margaret Martin, separated from his father, she moved with her children to Cambuslang, Glasgow. Anderson studied at Glasgow School of Art under Robert Greenlees, in Ingram Street Glasgow. On leaving he worked as a designer at a […]

Altan Francesco

Cartoonist, writer, illustrator Francesco Tullio-Altan studied architecture in Venice, but his professional life changed when his daughter Kika was born.  When Kika was three years old, he started writing short stories, and has not stopped since. In addition to children’s books, he writes and draws an animated story for adults and is a well-known Italian […]