About the project

The Project “Big Encyclopedia of Caricature” is destined to fulfil the important gap in the informational field of the modern culture.

The achievements of caricature art in the world culture are undeniable. Not a few prominent artists devoted their talents to this branch of graphic arts, their works, full of grotesque, sarcasm and scintillating humour made an impact on contemporaries’ minds often putting their authors in danger of falling into disfavour of the authorities.

Considered for a long time the stepdaughter of book and journal graphic, the caricature, however, proved its independence. Like any other kind of art it has its own history and terminology, its idols and worshippers, its chroniclers and theoreticians. Museums of caricature are opened, international annual caricature contests organized, caricaturists’ clubs appear, journals dedicated to caricature are published as well as collected books and albums. All this is a subject for our close attention and research.

The project is designed as a source of information on all the aspects of caricature art for professionals, enthusiasts and collectors. They’ll find here biographies and works of famous caricaturists, concepts and terms, memoirs and photographs, theory articles and reviews, clubs and museums, exhibitions and contests, possibilities for communication and many other.

Editorial staff reserves the right to publish materials expressing any opinions on the subject and authors in question, except promulgation of violence, national or religious enmity, pornography and other immoral from humanistic point of view manifestations in graphic and written materials.

The project’s prospects are unlimited. “Big encyclopedia of caricature” is a living organism, its classified information is constantly updated with new materials.

The project is open for all who wish to participate in website updating. The names of voluntary writers will be mentioned with gratitude on its pages.

Founder and Editor in Chief
Marat Valiakhmetov