Andersson Oscar

Cartoonist, comic artist, animator Oscar Emil “O.A.” Andersson ― started working as a teenager at the Royal Mint. When he realized that his passion was connected with drawing, he entered a Technology school and graduated with honors. However, he was not interested in the design. His teacher, Caleb Altin, encouraged him to take up caricature. […]

Andersson Martin

1854 – 1932 Painter, cartoonist, illustrator Martin Anderson was born in Leuchars, Fife, in 1854. After his mother, Margaret Martin, separated from his father, she moved with her children to Cambuslang, Glasgow. Anderson studied at Glasgow School of Art under Robert Greenlees, in Ingram Street Glasgow. On leaving he worked as a designer at a […]

Altan Francesco

Cartoonist, writer, illustrator Francesco Tullio-Altan studied architecture in Venice, but his professional life changed when his daughter Kika was born.  When Kika was three years old, he started writing short stories, and has not stopped since. In addition to children’s books, he writes and draws an animated story for adults and is a well-known Italian […]