Sempe Jean-Jacques

Cartoonist, illustrator Illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempe, also known as «Sempe», today best known for his illustrations for the series of children’s books “Le Petit Nicolas” (“Little Nicolas”) “Little Nicolas”, a national treasure of France, did not immediately find success when it was first published in 1959. Today, books depicting an idealized vision of childhood in 1950s […]

Ungerman Arne

Cartoonist, illustrator Arne Ungerman grew up in Odense in the family of a police commissioner. In 1930, he was hired in the advertising department of the newspaper “Politiken”. Otherwise, he supplied drawings to several humorous magazines and worked with posters. He became known as one of the best Danish illustrators thanks to drawings for several […]

Vallès i Torner Josep Maria

1947 Cartoonist, comic artist, editor editorial coordinator associated with publications such as Por Favor, Muchas gracias, Hermano Lobo, El Papus, El Víbora, TMEO or Makoki. Valles has also participated in several cinematic productions. He entered the world of cinema in the late 1960s, creating a film club and working on several short films by Francesc […]