H. Gombrich, (with Ernst Kris) The Principles of Caricature, British Journal of Medical Psychology, Vol. 17, 1938, pp.319-42 [Trapp no.1938A.1]

CLASSICAL or academic psychology, though concerned in large measure with perception and sensation, fields that are familiar ground to the artist, added comparatively little to our understanding of art (as indeed it added comparatively little to the historical and social sciences). At first this is rather surprising, but it becomes comprehensible when we remember that […]

Bayram Hajizadeh

At the beginning of the XX century, in Azerbaijan where the capitalism was developing rapidly, there was very fertile condition for the formation of the cartoon as an independent genre. The region, in which the interests of big countries were conflicted, the development of nation’s national and cultural consciousness, formation of strong bourgeois class, injustice, […]