Voltz Johann Michael

Cartoonist, painter, graphic artist His father was a schoolteacher. He studied with the engraver and art dealer Friedrich Weber in Augsburg. His drawings and graphic engravings attracted the attention of a court artist to him. After receiving his education, he worked at Herzberg, an academic bookstore in Augsburg, where he created popular prints. In 1809, […]

Vukotich Dusan

Film director, animation director, cartoonist The most famous master of the Zagreb animation school, one of the founders of the Zagreb-film studio. He was born in a family of Montenegrin origin: his grandfather Moisha (Mojas) was the brother of General Janko Vukotic. Architect by education. He gained international fame thanks to the film “Surrogate”, which […]


Painter, cartoonist, lithographer Charles-Joseph Travies de Villers, also known as Travies, is a French artist of Swiss origin, whose works regularly appeared in “La Charivari” and “La Caricature”. His musical “Pantheon” was one of the most famous and widely reproduced musical cartoons of the 19th century. His younger brother was the painter and illustrator Edouard […]