Morris William Charles

6.03.1874–1940 Cartoonist Morris, William Charles (1874-1940) american cartoonist born in Salt Lake City. Utah, on march 6. 1874. William morris attended public schools and re¬ceived no art training; he worked as a gold miner, clerk, teamster and sign painter before landing a job as sketch artist and cartoonist for the spokane (wash.) Spokesman-review in 1904. […]

Avery Frederick Bean

26.02.1908-1980 Cartoonist, animator Avery Frederick Bean, american animator born in taylor, texas, on february 26, 1908. frederick bean (“tex”) avery, a distant relative of the notorious judge roy bean, “the law west of the pecos,” went to north dallas high school and graduated in 1927. after a summer course at the chicago art institute and […]