Hajnos Miroslaw

1957 Cartoonist, painter, illustrator Born in 1957 in Nova Sul. He made his debut in 1978 on the “Satyrikonya” in Legnica. His first work where published in the magazines “Karuzela” and “Glos Nauchitselski”. Later on his cartoons appeared in many magazines: Szpilki, Karuzela, Twój Dobry Humor, Przegląd, Radar, Trybuna, Nie, Hustler, Polityka, Wprost and many […]

De Haes Danny

Cartoonist, comic artist The artist who was born in Lier (Belgium) in 1962. Also known under the pseudonym “Quack and Tosti”. Started drawing cartoons at the age of 12. He became the apprentice of “Pom”, one of Belgium’s well-known comics- strip-artists community. His works were being published in various newspapers and magazines in Belgium since […]