Cartoonist, comic writer, screenwriter, songwriter Fred, whose real name is Frederick Othon Theodore Aristides, French cartoonist of Greek origin born in Paris, France, in 1932. Embarked upon a cartooning career soon after graduation from high school in 1950. During the 1950s he contributed countless gag cartoons to the French publications Ici-Paris (where his first cartoon […]

Florin Balaban

1968 Cartoonist, caricaturist Florin Balaban was born in 1968 in Nircoresti (Romania) and is a self-taught artist. His drawings have been published in the Luxemburger Wort daily magazine since 1996. His works have been exhibited in Luxembourg, Romania, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland. In 2002, he was awarded the Premio Internationale Satira Politica in Forte dei […]