Thony Eduard

Illustrator, cartoonist Thоny fue muy prolífico en su colaboración con las publicaciones Simplicissimus y Jugend, para las que realizó muchas caricaturas, sobre todo sobre el ejército y los hombres de negocio. También se le reconoce su trabajo como caricaturista de la vida estudiantil y como pintor impresionista. Era amigo íntimo de Ludwig Thoma y Rudolf […]

Krstevski Zlatko

Cartoonist, painter Born in 1969 in Prilep. Graduated from the School of Fine Arts. Member of the ULSS art Community (Shabac, Serbia). President of the Macedonian Fine Arts Center “Vizant” (“Vizant”). The artist’s works have been exhibited as part of 22 solo exhibitions in Macedonia and Serbia (in the former Yugoslavia). Participated in exhibitions: Japan […]

Topan Cristian

Cartoonist Born on 19 October 1963, and started doing cartoons in 1980. He has been an editorial cartoonist since 1990, worked for various Romanian newspapers. Also, an art director of ‘Maxim press’. Personal exhibitions in Bucuresti, Calarasi (Romania), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Novi Sad (Serbia). Ceramics cartoon exhibition in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)in 2007, third prize in […]

Guadalupe Posada José

Graphic artist, cartoonist, book illustrator He was taught to read, write and draw by his older brother, a school teacher. In 1871 he began publishing political cartoons in the local newspaper El Jicote (“Bumblebee”). After the closure of the newspaper, which offended the authorities, Posada moved to Leon. He opened a shop of prints, lithographs, […]

Siguta Peter

19.04.1955 – 9.11.2013 Cartoonist Siguta Pyotr Pavlovich was born in 1955. Graduated from the Odessa Institute of National Economy. From 1977 to 1993 he served in the army, actively engaged in caricature, participating in All-Union and international competitions. Since 1993 – staff cartoonist of one of the Odessa newspapers, chief artist, editor-in-chief of a number […]

Cornejo Santiago

Cartoonist, illustrator, art director His cartoons and illustrations printed in magazines and newspapers of many countries: U.S.A., England, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, China, etc. Humor magazines: “MAD”, “Cracked”, “Nebelspatef, “Jockester”. 2 books published with recompilations of his cartoons. Illustrated more than 30 Children’s books. He have got prizes in 12 cartoon contests (Vericelli, Italy – […]

Botezat Konstantin

Artist, designer, cartoonist Konstantin Botezat is an experienced Moldovan artist who has been living in London since 2018. He had his exhibitions in Paris, Hollywood, New York, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, London, Lisbon, Barry, Moscow, Cluj-Napoca, București and Chisinau. solo exhibitions: 2019-Talent Festival: Victoria Hotel Plaza, London (U.K.) 2018- “Transylvania” Husk Creative Space, London […]

Kazys Siaulytis Kestutis

Cartoonist, teacher In 1971 he graduated from Naujoji Akmenė in the 1st grade, 1976 – Art Faculty of Siauliai Pedagogical Institute. In 1976 he entered the University of Klaipeda. Since 1978 – works in the editorial office of “Shluot”: artist, deputy editor; collaborated with other media. From 1992 to 1999, he published and edited publications […]

Bransom Paul

1885–19.06.1979 Cartoonist, illustrator, comic artist Bransom Paul, american cartoonist and illustrator born in Washington, D.C., in 1885. Paul Bransom left school at 13 to work on technical drawings for the Patent Office. He enjoyed sketching at Washing­ton’s National Zoo, and his familiarity with the natural world led to his first work in cartooning. In 1903 […]

Brown Robert

1906-1996 Cartoonist Brown Robert,   American cartoonist born in Pennsylvania in 1906. Robert (“Bo”) Brown attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1928. He planned on a career as an attorney and was a law school student when the Saturday Evening Post accepted one of his drawings; he renounced forthwith the perquis­ites of the “Philadelphia […]

Braun Caspar

Cartoonist, woodcarver, publisher Braun Caspar, German cartoonist born in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, on August 13, 1807. Although Caspar Braun’s draftsmanship was never first-rate, his services to German humorous art as printer and pub­lisher as well as cartoonist are immeasurable. He studied art at the Munich Academy under Peter von Cornelius, the developer of so many graphic […]

Auerbach-Levy William

1889–1964 Cartoonist, artist, engraver, writer Auerbach-Levy William, american caricaturist, painter, etcher and author born William Auerbach in Brest-Litovsk, Russia, in 1889. His parents adopted the surname Levy after they emigrated to the United States when he was five. His artistic ability was recognized by a teacher in the elementary school he attended in New York […]

Armstrong Harold Barry

1902–1978 Cartoonist, illustrator, comic artist Armstrong, Harold Barry born in Paddington, near Sydney, in March 1902. It was not without considerable anguish that some Australian newspapers finally adopted comic strips and cartoons in their pages. But during the inid-1930s a gradual increase in strips and cartoons, along with the introduction of political cartoonists, resulted in […]

Morris William Charles

6.03.1874–1940 Cartoonist Morris, William Charles (1874-1940) american cartoonist born in Salt Lake City. Utah, on march 6. 1874. William morris attended public schools and re¬ceived no art training; he worked as a gold miner, clerk, teamster and sign painter before landing a job as sketch artist and cartoonist for the spokane (wash.) Spokesman-review in 1904. […]

Avery Frederick Bean

26.02.1908-1980 Cartoonist, animator Avery Frederick Bean, american animator born in taylor, texas, on february 26, 1908. frederick bean (“tex”) avery, a distant relative of the notorious judge roy bean, “the law west of the pecos,” went to north dallas high school and graduated in 1927. after a summer course at the chicago art institute and […]

Cattani Ernesto

1936 Cartoonist, designer, illustrator Ernesto Cattoni (Milan, Italy, 1936), who, with his thousands of cartoons, was published in the press around the world, in such publications as Famiglia Cristiana, Paris Match, Epoca, Corriere della Sera, Le Figaro, Tempo, Panorama, Gardenia, Grazia and many others. He graduated from the Cantonal School of Art and Design in […]

Yarahmad Davood

Cartoonist, graphic artist, miniaturist The artist who was born in Khorramad-Lorestan is the manager of “Lor Cartoon Ho­use’’. The artist is a free art teacher in graphics, cartoon and miniature in art institutes. He also works as graphics manager in Arzesh-Ha. His cartoons are being publis­hed in different newspapers, such as Kayhan-Havai Sobh, Cihad, Abrar […]

Yakaly Rasit

1943 Cartoonist He was born in Tyre in 1943. Taught in elementary school for 5 years. His first cartoon was published in the newspaper “Tercüman” in 1962. He was an employee of Yeni Asır (1964-1968), Pardon Humor Magazine (1969-1970), Dünya (1970-1987), Hürriyet (1887-1992), Fotospor (1993-1994), BRT Television (1995-1996), he drew daily cartoons for the Museum […]

Wang Rui Sheng

Cartoonist, professor He taught at Bengbu High School, Anhui Province, China. Enjoyed nationwide popularity. He has published more than 5,000 cartoons and written a number of dissertations on this topic. Participated in 85 international caricature contests. Published the book “The Cartoonist Of the Next Century” – a collection of his works. Reference: BEC (the Big […]

Shinkarevskiy Vladimir

1953 Cartoonist, poet, painter, carver Born in 1953 in Odessa. Graduated from the Faculty of Refrigeration Units of Odessa Polytechnic University. He graduated from the Correspondence University of Arts named after N. K. Krupskaya in Moscow. He worked as a decorator. He received the title of People’s Master of Ukraine in bone and wood carving. […]

Chechot Andrzej

Painter, cartoonist, set designer, illustrator Andrzej Chechot is a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Arts, an artist, set designer, illustrator (illustrated about 200 books and 450 covers), the author of about thirty cartoons, including one full–length – “Eden”, published several collections of his cartoons. From 1982 to 1997 he lived in America, where he […]

Hughes Alexander Michael Anthony

Сartoonist Born April 22, 1971 in Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom. Later, he moved to Birmingham, United Kingdom. He began to create caricatures at the University of Warwick, has worked for the student newspaper, “Warwick Boar.” Then he completed courses and began working for the press. Published in The Daily Telegraph, Birmingham Sports Argus, Construction […]

Heino Partanen

Cartoonist, designer Was born 14.06.1941 in Sotkamo, Finland. Self-educated artist, designer, cartoonist. Packaging designer since 1965 Have got many prizes of the graphic and photos, of the literature, of the product competitions like the packages, plastic products, textiles, architecture, toys etc. For example: 2. prize of “The comic strip serias’-competition of Scandinavia, 2.prize “The worst […]

Heymans Patrick

Cartoonist Born in Ninov, November 19, 1963, Belgium. Flemish, a municipal worker. Cartoons where selected for books and exhibitions in: Belgium (Londerzeel, Neder Over Heembeek, Brussels, Kruishoutem, Beringen, Damme, Kahnthout, Boom, Knokke-Heist, Olen, Lier, Harelbeke, Sint-Niklaas, Hoboken, Bree, Tienen, Boechout, Sint-Truiden); Brazil (Porto-Alegre, Piracicaba); Bulgaria (Gabrovo, Plovdiv); Croatia (Bjelovar, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb, Varazdin); France (Anglet, […]

Haramija Ivan (HANS)

1946 – 14.09.2014  Cartoonist Born in Croatia in 1946. In 1968 he graduated from the Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Fine Arts. While teaching after graduation, he organized cultural and artistic events. He was the editor of the humorous magazines “Pikac” (1967-1968) and “Feferon” (1981-1990). He published cartoons in several Croatian and some foreign […]

Hajnos Miroslaw

1957 Cartoonist, painter, illustrator Born in 1957 in Nova Sul. He made his debut in 1978 on the “Satyrikonya” in Legnica. His first work where published in the magazines “Karuzela” and “Glos Nauchitselski”. Later on his cartoons appeared in many magazines: Szpilki, Karuzela, Twój Dobry Humor, Przegląd, Radar, Trybuna, Nie, Hustler, Polityka, Wprost and many […]

De Haes Danny

Cartoonist, comic artist The artist who was born in Lier (Belgium) in 1962. Also known under the pseudonym “Quack and Tosti”. Started drawing cartoons at the age of 12. He became the apprentice of “Pom”, one of Belgium’s well-known comics- strip-artists community. His works were being published in various newspapers and magazines in Belgium since […]


Cartoonist, comic writer, screenwriter, songwriter Fred, whose real name is Frederick Othon Theodore Aristides, French cartoonist of Greek origin born in Paris, France, in 1932. Embarked upon a cartooning career soon after graduation from high school in 1950. During the 1950s he contributed countless gag cartoons to the French publications Ici-Paris (where his first cartoon […]

Florin Balaban

1968 Cartoonist, caricaturist Florin Balaban was born in 1968 in Nircoresti (Romania) and is a self-taught artist. His drawings have been published in the Luxemburger Wort daily magazine since 1996. His works have been exhibited in Luxembourg, Romania, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland. In 2002, he was awarded the Premio Internationale Satira Politica in Forte dei […]

Fellini Federico

Film director, cartoonist, screenwriter, costume designer We all know Fredrico Fellini as the creator of movie masterpieces such as “Rome is an open city”, “Sweet Life”, “The Road”, “Cabiria Nights”, “Eight and a Half”. However, few people know that he was also an excellent draughtsman, who clothed his thoughts and ideas in the lines and […]

Kritovac Fedor

Architect, cartoonist, photographer Fedor Kritovac, member of the Croatian Society of Cartoonists – HDK (since its creation in 1985. year). He has participated in international exhibitions as well as exhibitions of HDK members. Highest recognition at international caricature exhibitions, first prize in (Kruishotem) Belgium in 1987. Several times Fedor Kritovac was a member of the […]

Williams Mary

Cartoonist, journalist Mary Williams was an American journalist and caricaturist born in Oakland, California, on 27 June 1869. In 1890 she was recruited by Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World to provide illustrated celebrity interviews, signing them “Kate Carew”, a name she chose “at random”. In 1911 Williams moved to London, where she sent illustrated interviews […]

Neagoe Gogu

Cartoonist, caricaturist One of the most famous and respected cartoonists in Romania, a member of the Romanian Association of Professional Caricature since 2006, and since 2008 — a member of the International Association of Fine Arts of Germany UNESCO. He has participated in many national and international festivals of painting and caricature, and his works […]

Art or Death

“Art or Death” (originally, in 1987-1988, the Group “ZHUPEL”) is a partnership (art group) of Rostov (Rostov-on-Don) and Taganrog artists, founded by A. S. Ter-Oganyan in September 1988. One of the most striking artistic associations of the perestroika years. The original name of the Art or Death partnership was the Group “ZHUPEL” (1987-1988). “Once in […]