Gulbransson Olaf Leonhard

Olaf Leonhard Gulbransson (26 May 1873 in Oslo – 18 September 1958 in Tegernsee, Germany) was a Norwegian artist, painter and designer. He is probably best known for his caricatures and illustrations. From 1890, he worked for many Norwegian magazines, including Tyrihans, Pluk, Paletten, Fluesoppen, Sfinx and Trangviksposten (1899-1901). In 1900 he studied at the […]

Gropper William

William Victor “Bill” Gropper (December 3, 1897 – January 3, 1977), was a U.S. cartoonist, painter, lithographer, and muralist. A committed radical, Gropper is best known for the political work which he contributed to such left wing publications as The Revolutionary Age, The Liberator, The New Masses, The Worker, and The Morning Freiheit. William “Bill” […]

Green William Ellis (‘‘Weg”)

GREEN, WILLIAM ELLIS (1923- ) Australian cartoonist born at Essendon, Melbourne, Australia, in 1923. A visiting cartoonist from England recently remarked in Melbourne how appalled he was at the quantity of work demanded from Australian cartoonists in a week, stating that no cartoonist working in Britain would stand the pace. Among others working in Australian […]

Grandjouan Jules-Félix

GRANDJOUAN, Jules-Félix (1875-1968) French cartoonist born in Nantes, France, in 1875. Felix Grandjouan started law school in Nantes but then embarked on an artistic career by both writing and illustrating Nantes la Grise (“Nantes the Gray City,” 1899). He went to Paris a year later and contributed cartoons to the most important satirical (and oftentimes […]

Grabovskiy Ivan

He was born on March 8, 1878. Studied at the St. Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts (1902-1909). the artist was awarded the title for the painting “Snow fell” in 1909. Member and exponential associations: “Association of Independent Artists”, “Society of Artists name AIKuindzhi”, etc. Member of the International Exhibition in Venice. Ivan Grabowski – author […]