Burzyhski Slawomir

Cartoonist, drawer, painter Studied at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun, Poland. faculty of Fine Arts. Participated in several exhibitions of cartoon drawings. Awarded: EROS’88, KAKTUS’89, SATYRYKON’90, ’91 (gold medal),’93, George van Raedmolonck Kartoenale – Belgium. His publications was printed in different newspapers, for example Wyborcza and Szpilki.

Brooks Charles Gordon

Cartoonist Brooks Charles Gordon (1920- ) American political cartoonist born in Andalusia, Alabama, on November 22, 1920. Chuck Brooks was educated in local public schools and attended Birmingham Southern College, which he left in 1941 to attend the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. In Chicago his teacher, Vaughn Shoemaker, taught him editorial cartooning. Brooks enlisted […]