Султанович Решад

Карикатурист, иллюстратор, дизайнер, писатель, архитектор, инженер-технолог Родился 1 ноября 1955 года в городе Сараево (Босния и Герцеговина). Публикует карикатуры с 1978 года во многих газетах и ​​журналах в Yougoslavia (Босния и Герцеговина, Хорватия и Сербия). Участник международных и отечественных выставок карикатуры с 1987 года. Участник более 600 выставок карикатуры в стране и за рубежом. Призы: […]

Fusi Marco

Cartoonist, operator Born November 5, 1957 in Nova Milanese (Italy). Published in various Italian newspapers: “Day”, “Sports News”, “Nation”, “Fearless”, “Sunday Quiz”, “Star comics”, “Country”. Laureate of contests of cartoons in Bordighera, prix Novello, Spirito. I wrote seven humorous books: The Gospel of Silvio Berlusconi, the bolder thresholds, the pair code that has a ready […]

Feng Hai Li

Cartoonist Secretary-General of the Chinese Comics Salon. Secretary-General of the Association of Cartoonists of China. Secretary-General of the Chinese Organizing Committee of the International Cartoon Contest. He published about 3000 comics and cartoons in domestic and foreign media, and also won numerous awards at international cartoon contests. Has a collection of books: “China Marketing Eighteen”, […]

Izmail Hasan

Cartoonist He was born in Syria, in 1961. Printed: AL WOHDA Magazine (local daily paper published in Latakia, Syria) The journal TESHREEN (a political paper published in Damascus, Syria) ADDOMARI magazine (satirical weekly, published in Damascus, Syria) VOUZNI magazine (satirical weekly, published in Armenia) The participant and the prize-winner of competition of a caricature in […]

Chiorean Cornel

Cartoonist, civil engineer He was born on May 1, 1956 in Cluj (Romania). Occasionally publishes his cartoons since 1973. Personal exhibitions: in Vâlcea and Vandoeuvre – Nancy (France, 1992). Participation in contests and prizes: Premio speciale sul tema libero-Vercelli 1986, – Premiul Moftul Român Zalău 1990, – L’ingotto d’argento by CONI Ancona 1991, – Segnalato […]

Durovic Mladen

Cartoonist, painter, graphic designer He graduated in Painting (Faculty of Fine Arts, the course of Professor Zhivoyn Turinsky) in Belgrade. Then he continued his studies in Aix-en-Provence (France) and in Angouleme at the Applied Arts School. In the 80s his works were published in all leading magazines and newspapers in Yugoslavia (Politika, Novosti, Jeж (Hedgehog), Pobeda, Nin, […]