Yavuz Kamil

Cartoonist He was born in Istanbul on July 26, 1959. His first cartoons appeared in the local magazine namedly GIRGIR (1973). His cartoons were published in various publications of different countries. He organized the group with his 6 colleagues. They participated in 29 exhibitions. A participant in international cartoon contests. He held solo exhibitions in […]

Oguz Gurel

Cartoonist He was born in 1968 in Izmir (Turkey). Graduated from the University of Marmara (Faculty of Textiles). Draws cartoons since 2001. His work was first published in the local newspaper “Kocaeli” in 1989. His works are also published in other newspapers and magazines. Member of the Association of Turkish Cartoonists. Member of FECO. Prizewinner of […]

Fawzy Morzy

Cartoonist He was born on September 12, 1978 in Cairo (Egypt). He worked in the journals “October”, “Cart El Nada”, “Al-Arabi al-Sagir.” Founder and coordinator of the International Cartoon Contest. He was published in the newspaper Al-Ahram, Pilkaia, Boudoir, El-Kalima, Caricature, Al-Resha, Tabibak, Al-Khas, Bassem, Bezra , “Al-Forsan”, “Samir”. Member of the Egyptian Syndicate Journalists. […]

Lazarevich Dobrivoje

Cartoonist, painter, graphic artist, humorist writer Was born on August 28, 1958 in the city of Alexandrovac (Serbia). Graduated from the University of National Defense in Belgrade. A member of the Union of Cartoonists of Serbia (FECO). Participated in many international and local exhibitions of cartoons. Published a book of poetry “Shangaike” and many aphorisms in […]

Doriano Ciro

Cartoonist, graphic designer Born in Pozzuoli (Napoli) on February 17, 1958 2016 – Participant: 47th exhibition of graphic humor International humorists in Marostica -Italy- 2016 – Participant: Exposition The temptation of the los de los de los de los desiès de humor gráfico In Madrid, 2016 – Participant: Exposición “Espìrito Olìmpico” Mostra de humor grafico […]