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Wołoszyn Tomasz, Frankfurt (Oder),

Сartoonist Born on November 30, 1966 in the town of Gubin (Poland). The first cartoon was published in 1985 ( “Faktor”, Zielona Góra). The first exhibition – in 1986, (MPiK, Gora) He collaborated with the Polish military press in 1987 – 1989 gg. He worked in the magazine “Kiszone Ogorki” ( «Pickles”) in 1989 – […]

Aguardo July Sanchis (Harca)

He was born in October 10, 1942 Picasso in Valencia, Spain. He began to draw from an early age. At the age of 13-year-old teacher advised him to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia. He learned not only one year of study, because it was necessary to help their parents. But he never […]

Zivicky Villiam