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Guazzelli Filho Eloar

1962 Illustrator, animator, cartoonist Publication of cartoons since the 1990s, which received awards at the International Yomiuri Cartoon Contest (1991) and at the Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba in 1991, 1992 and 1994. He also took first place at the 2nd International Biennale of Cartoons in Rio de Janeiro, in the category “Comics”. He […]

Gomez Kau

1972 Claudio Antonio Gomez. Born in 1972 in Belo Horizonte. Having received an art education at the school of Minas Gerais, Guignard. Collaborated with important publications in Brazil, such as newspapers O Cometa Itabirano, O Estado de SP, Jornal do Brasil, Pasquim21, A Tarde and Courier International; and magazines Playboy, Palavra, Gráfica, Piauí and Bundas. […]

Boligan Angel

Аnimator, cartoonist In the 80s he graduated from the National School of Art Instructors, Havana, Cuba. He is currently collaborating with the Mexican newspaper El Universal with his Espejo de tinta column and in various international publications. Member of the International Union of Cartoonists CAGLECARTOONS, INC. de E.Unidos Member of the international group CARTOONING FOR […]

Iturrusgarai Adão

Cartoonist Adao Iturrusgarai (Cachoeira do Sul, 1965). His family is of Basque origin. His first drawing was published in “Jornal do Povo” when he was 17 years old. At the age of 18, he moved to Porto Alegre to study “Publicidade e Propaganda”. He also studied “Fine Arts”, but was unable to complete his studies. […]

Canini Renato

Illustrator He is known for his work in publications such as O Pasquim and Pancada, as well as in Editora Abril, where he drew Disney comics , mainly Jose Carioca . He gave the character a more authorial style and Brazilian personality. Canini’ first job was at age 21, for Rio Grande do Sul state’s […]

Clay Bennett

Cartoonist His cartoons typically present liberal viewpoints. Currently drawing for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Bennett is the recipient of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning. Graduating from the University of North Alabama in 1980, Bennett briefly served as a staff artist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Fayetteville Times (NC). He worked as editorial cartoonist at the St. Petersburg Times for 13 years (1981–1994) but was […]

Zhuravel Yuri

Musician, artist, animator, cartoonist, public figure, actor, screenwriter Father – Zhuravel Grigory Vasilyevich. Mother – Balyk Galina Alexandrovna. My father was a military man, my mother was a teacher, so the family often moved from place to place. At school age, he changed as many as 7 schools. He connects the happiest period of his […]

Abby Edwin Austin

Pintor, illustrator, cartoonist Edwin Austin Abbey, was born in Philadelphia, USA. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, later worked at Harper & Brothers and was sent to England, where he collected material for printing poems and other books. His illustration of William Shakespeare is considered his best work. “In Search of the […]

Glauco Villas Boas

Designer, cartoonist, religious figure In 1976, Glauco moved to Ribeiran Preto and, after being noticed by the journalist Jose Hamilton Ribeiro, published his first works in the newspaper Diário da Manhã. A year later, he was awarded the Piracicaba International Humor Exhibition by a jury consisting of Jaguar, Millor Fernandes, Henfil and Angeli, as well […]

Chico Caruso

Cartoonist, animator, musician, comedian Francisco Paulo Hespagna Caruso, known as Chico Caruso. He is the twin brother of Paulo Caruso, also a cartoonist. He began publishing his drawings in the late 1960s in Folha da Tarde. He has worked in the periodicals Opinião, Movimento, Gazeta Mercantil, ISTOÉ, Veja, Jornal do Brasil and O Globo, in […]

Caruso Paulo

Cartoonist, animator, musician Paulo Jose Hespagna Caruso, known as Paulo Caruso. He is the twin brother of Chico Caruso, also a cartoonist. He worked for ISTOÉ magazine for many years, where he signed a cartoon of the week called Avenida Brasil, always published on the last page of the magazine, which mainly dealt with aspects […]


Cartoonist, comic artist Arnaldo Angeli Filho, more commonly known as Angeli, born August 31, 1956, in São Paulo, Brazil, is one of the best-known Brazilian cartoonists. Angeli already had strips published in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Portugal, where a compilation of its work was launched by Devir publishing company in 2000. Two animated feature films based on his work were released: the 2006 film Wood & […]


Cartoonist, comic artist Laerte Coutinho (nacida el 10 de junio de 1951), conocida comúnmente por su primer nombre, Laerte, es una dibujante brasileña, creadora de historietas y guionista. En 2009 se declaró primero como travesti y más tarde como mujer transgénero. Laerte ha colaborado con varias publicaciones como Balão, O Pasquim, y Chiclete com Banana y dibuja regularmente para el periódico Folha de S. Paulo. Laerte […]

Garzon Jaime

Journalist, comedian, cartoonist Jaime Garzon was born on October 24, 1960 in Bogota. He studied law at the National University of Colombia, but became interested in working on television and dropped out. From 1988 to 1990 he was the mayor of Sumapaz (district of the capital of Bogota) in the administration of Bogota Mayor Andres […]


Cartoonist Jose Arles Herrera – Calarcá – Born in Armenia, Quindío, Colombia (1934), he assumed his pseudonym as a tribute to the brave chieftain Pijao who fought the Spanish occupation in the lands of Quindío. He is convinced of the social commitment of caricature, so his work, rather than claiming, demands at the cry of a pencil, […]

Turkios Omar

Cartoonist, illustrator Omar Alberto Figueroa Turkios – сolombian cartoonist who, after starting in his country in some of the main newspapers and magazines such as El Nuevo Siglo, Acento, El tiempo or Wall Stres, would end up establishing his residence in Spain. He has since published his drawings in El Mundo, Diario 16, La Razón, Quevedos, Media Punta and Madrid Economico. Omar Figueroa Turcios published his first caricature […]

Tan Yelled

Cartoonist He has been working in this profession for more than 50 years and is one of the classic cartoonists of Turkey. He also worked regularly for the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet since 1976, was dismissed in 2008. Tan Oral, internationally known as one of the masters of Turkish caricature, a wonderful person and a good […]

Khalil Raed

Cartoonist Published the first publication since 1988. Editor-in-chief and creator of the site: Director of the Syrian International Cartoon Contest. In 2005, he organized the first Syrian international cartoon contest. He worked as a cartoonist for the newspaper (Annur) (weekly) and the newspaper (Al-Ba’ath) (daily), Damascus. Solo exhibitions: 10 of them in Syria as […]

Hafezi Nader

Сartoonist Born in Iran, now lives and works in Paris, France. Reference:, 2020  

Moayedi Amin

1973 Cartoonist He was born in 1973 in Isfahan. Studied Industrial Engineering. He started to work in 1991 and is. He won an award at the competition of a satirical magazine in Iran 1991 and became the holder of an international award in 1994. Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010

Vilks Lars

Painter, cartoonist Became known for the controversy surrounding his drawings of Muhammad. He also created the sculptures Nimis and Arx, made of driftwood and rock, respectively. The area where the sculptures are located was proclaimed by Vilks as an independent country, “Ladonia”. Vilks was born in Helsingborg, Sweden. His second given name Endel was Estonian, […]

Yavuz Kamil

Kamil Yavuz was born on 26.06.1959 in Istanbul. His first cartoons began to be published in 1973 (Sea Gırgır). His first serious caricature was published in 1976 (Chart). Apart from cartoons, he worked as a page designer in humor magazines and newspapers. Currently, Journalist works as a freelance cartoonist and participates in cartoon exhibitions around the world. He participated in […]

Kudryavtsev Anatoly

1958 Artist, graphic artist, cartoonist Anatoly Kudryavtsev was born in 1958 in Leningrad. Anatoly Kudryavtsev’s creative biography is rich and diverse. He graduated from the I. E. Repin Institute (Academy of Arts) in 1985, where he defended his PhD thesis on the problems of the space of paintings “Linear perspective in the works of artists […]

Raquel Orzuj Litvan

Painter, illustrator, cartoonist Daughter of the Jewish journalist who founded the newspaper Folksblat in Uruguay, Orzuj was trained at the National School of Fine Arts in Montevideo, specializing in the Artigas Teachers Institute and Torres García Workshop, choosing to be a cartoonist, graphic humorist and painter. She has been an art teacher and painter. In […]

Nwokocha Azuka Christopher

Born in 1970 in Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria. His father Edward Nwokocha married Catherine Nwanza and they had seven children. Azuka is the fifth child in the family.He grew up learning to draw from his older brother. Attended St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Yaba, Lagos (1971-1988) before entering Obanikoro Baptist Academy, Lagos. (1980 – 1985) […]

Zardoyas (Ramiro Zardoya Sanchez)

Cartoonist Born 1982 in Havana, Cuba. In 2006 he graduated from the Higher Institute of Design (ISDI – Instituto Superior de Diseño Higher Education Institution in Cuba). In 2012, he worked as a professor of basic drawing at ISDI. He was a professor of visual effects at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA Higher Institute […]

Licurici George

Cartoonist, engender Lives and work in Suceava, Romania. Debut in Cartoon in1985. Winner of over 40 prizes in national and international competition. (Omiya, Davenport, Barkaldo, Pacific Palms, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Tolentino, Kiev, Trento, Stuttgart, Daejon, Baku, Berlin a.o..). Member of International Cartoon Contest Juries. Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010

Peyda Ilya

Designer, teacher, graphic artist, cartoonist Graduated from the Moscow Art and Industrial Academy named after S. G. Stroganov, faculty of Interior and Equipment majoring in interior Design, Exhibitions and Advertising in 1972 He worked in the Production Combine of the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an artist-executor and an artist-designer from 1974 to […]

Gregory Alex

Gregory Alex, Los Angeles Screenwriter, cartoonist Inspired since childhood by the works of cartoonist Richard Taylor, Alex Gregory has also been active as a cartoonist. Since 1999, his cartoons have appeared regularly in The New Yorker, and later also in Esquire and The Rejection Collection. From 1996 to 1997, Gregory was the author of jokes […]

Tsuchida Yoshiko

Manga artist, cartoonist She is known for combining the genres of shojo and gag in her work. She was briefly associated with Fujio Akatsuka and Fujio Pro in the mid-late 1960s. Since childhood, Tsuchida loved to draw and dreamed of working in animation. As a student at Kichijo Girls’ High School, she arrived at the […]