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Reinoso Cristóbal

Cartoonist, illustrator, set designer Born Santa Fe, February 14, 1946, better known as Crist, is an Argentine cartoonist and cartoonist. Currently lives in Cordoba. He published his first work in La Opinion Deportiva in his hometown. At the age of 20, he moved to the city of Cordoba and the following year finally settled in […]

Topan Cristian

Cartoonist, illustrator, poster artist He was born on 19 October 1963, and started doing cartoons in 1980. He had been an editorial cartoonist since 1990, working for various Romanian newspapers. He was also art director of ‘Maxim press’. Personal exhibitions in Bucuresti, Calarasi (Romania), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Novi Sad (Serbia). Ceramics cartoon exhibition in Bergen op […]

Jacek Frackiewicz

Cartoonist, graphic artist, engraver, painter Born on 4th January 1964 in Sedziejowice, Poland. He studied (1984-1990) at the Faculty of Arts of the Higher School of Pedagogy in Czestochowa (now the Academy of Jan Dlugosz) where he graduated with Diploma with distinction from the graphic arts – Professor G. Banaszkiewicz, Professor R. Osadczy. In 1997 – […]

Walsh Chris

Cartoonist, illustrator, sculptor Born in Liverpool, England. He graduated from the University of Manchester. Chris creates 3D illustrations, as well as sculptures and cartoons. He uses sculpture and model-making techniques to create 3D scenes, which are then photographed and used as illustrations. He also sculpts statues and figures. His works have been commissioned all over […]

Weber Hilde

Painter, cartoonist, illustrator She was the first female cartoonist in the Brazilian press, working for publications such as A Cigarra, O Cruzeiro, Manchete and Tribuna da Imprensa, where she became known for her political cartoons. Hilde Weber was born in 1913 in the German town of Waldau. Her parents separated when she was little, and […]

Walker Ryan

Cartoonist A prolific artist who published political cartoons in various radical newspapers and magazines in the United States, Walker is best remembered as the creator of the recurring character “Henry Dubb”, an American worker who blithely walked through life as a victim of capitalism allegedly as a result of his blind acceptance of the ideas […]

Walker Alanson

Painter, cartoonist, illustrator Born on November 19, 1878 in Binghamton, New York. Walker was educated at Buffalo Central High School in New York City, from which he graduated in 1894. He later studied art and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester (1897). After that, Walker studied at the Art Students League in […]

Weed Clive

1884 – 1936 Cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator Graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Artistic method: easel painting, illustration, caricature Reference:, 2015      

Wejp Werner

Comic artist, cartoonist Werner Vape-Olsen is also known as the WOW signature. He sold his first drawing to a newspaper in 1955 and has since been the creator of a well-known series, such as the 1974 Crime Quiz with Police Inspector Dick Danger, which was published in Billed-Bladet, Se og. Listen to Ekstra Bladet, also […]

Ward Leslie

Portrait painter, caricaturist, cartoonist Over four decades of activity, he created more than 1,300 portraits, caricatures and caricatures, which were regularly published in Vanity Fair magazine under the pseudonyms Spy and Drawl. Leslie Ward was born on November 21, 1851 in London. He was one of eight children of the artist Edward Ward and his […]

Tagawa Suiho

Manga artist, cartoonist Nakataro Takamizawa better known by the pseudonym Suiho Tagawa Born in Sumida, Tokyo, Nakataro Takamizawa grew up an orphan: his mother died at his birth, his father and his uncle (who was one of his adoptive parents) died a few years later. He graduated from the Rinkai Jinjo Municipal Elementary School in […]

Webb Paul

20.09.1902-1985 Cartoonist, illustrator Born in Towanda, Pennsylvania, on September 20, 1902. Paul Webb grew up dreaming of becoming an illustrator and greatly admires Wallace’s work Morgan. He received his art education in the 1920s at the School of Industrial Art and the Academy of Fine Arts, both in Philadelphia. While studying at school, he received […]

Weisz Victor

Cartoonist Also known under the pseudonym Wiki. Weiss was born in Berlin, Germany, to a Hungarian-Jewish family. He studied at the Berlin Art School and by 1928, at the age of fifteen, was working as a freelancer, drawing cartoons. His father committed suicide the same year, and Weiss began working with the magazine 12 Uhr […]

Voltz Johann Michael

Cartoonist, painter, graphic artist His father was a schoolteacher. He studied with the engraver and art dealer Friedrich Weber in Augsburg. His drawings and graphic engravings attracted the attention of a court artist to him. After receiving his education, he worked at Herzberg, an academic bookstore in Augsburg, where he created popular prints. In 1809, […]

Vukotich Dusan

Film director, animation director, cartoonist The most famous master of the Zagreb animation school, one of the founders of the Zagreb-film studio. He was born in a family of Montenegrin origin: his grandfather Moisha (Mojas) was the brother of General Janko Vukotic. Architect by education. He gained international fame thanks to the film “Surrogate”, which […]

Vikstedt Topi

Illustrator, cartoonist, graphic artist Toivo (Topi) Alaric Wikstedt came from a family of glassblowers and while studying at the Vyborg Lyceum, he studied at the Vyborg Art School in parallel. He then continued his education at the Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts 1909-1912. After graduating with the highest score, he continued his studies in Copenhagen. […]

Vieira da Cunha Eduardo

1956 Cartoonist, illustrator, photographer, painter Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil – 1956. He studied the basics of composition and drawing with Pamela Barr in 1978 and in 1983 graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of the Federal University of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. In the period from 1978 to […]

Veber Jean

Cartoonist, artist Jean Weber was born in Paris in 1864. Trained as an artist, he became an illustrator when his brother Pierre convinced him to join the staff of the newspaper Gil Blas. In 1897, his drawing depicting Otto von Bismarck as the butcher of his people caused great controversy. Some of his cartoons have […]

Verdini Raoul

Cartoonist, illustrator, journalist He began his career as a sketch designer for state railways, leaving that job to pursue journalism first and then drawing. He was an employee of Marc Aurelio from 1931 until the closure of the magazine in 1943, as well as with the Yellow Beak, and during the years of fascism he […]

Vallotton Félix

Graphic artist, engraver, cartoonist Vallotton was born into a conservative middle-class family in Lausanne. He studied at the Collège Cantonal, graduating in classical studies in 1882. In the same year, he moved to Paris to study art with Jules Joseph Lefebvre and Gustave Boulanger at the Académie Julian. He spent a lot of time at […]

Pere Oliva

1941 Cartoonist, designer, typographer, layout designer, art director. Pere Oliva is the signature of Pere Oliva of Zaragoza. Pere Olivé entered the world of graphic design for publications and in 1971 renewed the external image of Patufet (Barcelona 1968-1973). He also worked on ” TBO “. As Artistic Director of Grupo Planeta between 1984 and […]


1888-1974 Cartoonist, comic artist Urda is the signature of the comic book author Manuel Urda Marín. Manuel Urda began his cartooning career in the magazines Cu-Cut!, Virolet, En Patufet and Monos . He joined TBO when the magazine was out for just a month and was its first art director from 1918 to 1922. Later […]

Вернер Чарльз Джордж

Cartoonist He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1939, 47 years in the Indianapolis Star. Charles Werner was born on March 23, 1909 in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Werner studied at the University of Oklahoma City without a formal education in the field of art. From 1930 to 1935, he worked as a staff artist and photographer at […]

Wicks Ben (Wicks Alfred)

Cartoonist, illustrator, journalist, writer Weeks was a “Cockney” born into a poor working-class family in London’s East End near London Bridge. He learned to play the saxophone in the British Army and toured Europe in a band with writer Leonard Bigg, also from London. He immigrated to Canada in 1957 with his wife Doreen Weeks […]

Tytla Bill (Tytla Vladimir Peter)

Painter, cartoonist, animator He was born on October 25, 1904 in New York in a family of Ukrainian immigrants. Parents Peter and Maria Titla emigrated from the town of Podhaitsy, now the Ternopil region. He studied at the New York School of Industrial Design. He started working at the animation studio at the age of […]

Trnka Jirí

Painter, cartoonist, book illustrator, screenwriter, animation director Jiri Trnka was born in Pilsen in 1912. His father was a plumber and his mother was a dressmaker. As a child, young Jiri loved to make dolls out of wood and arranged small performances for friends. He studied painting with Yaroslav Benda, then worked at the Pilsen […]


Painter, cartoonist, lithographer Charles-Joseph Travies de Villers, also known as Travies, is a French artist of Swiss origin, whose works regularly appeared in “La Charivari” and “La Caricature”. His musical “Pantheon” was one of the most famous and widely reproduced musical cartoons of the 19th century. His younger brother was the painter and illustrator Edouard […]


Cartoonist, photographer, animator, writer Tournachon, Gaspard-Felix was born on April 6, 1820 in Paris, France, into a wealthy family of printers and booksellers. After the lyceum and several years of studying at the medical school, Felix Tournachon dropped out of school to start working in small newspapers such as the Journal des Dames et des […]

Tomita Eizo

Cartoonist, writer Born in Nagoya, Japan, on 2 January 1906. Eizo Tomita is a man of diverse talents who has shown remarkable flexibility in adapting his styles and subjects to the changing times. After dropping out of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Tomita worked as a reporter for the Osaka Shimbun. At the same […]

Ichiro Tominaga

Cartoonist, manga artist Born in Kyoto, Japan, on May 20, 1925. Ichiro Tominaga works in a genre known as “uzokll mongo”, or cartoons on everyday topics. Although he had no artistic education, his cartoons are a humorous parody of human relationships, for the creation of which he draws inspiration from his own diverse personal experiences. […]