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Milic Slobodan

Сartoonist, drawer, director and animator Finished Zemun gymnasium. He studied architecture and art history, but did not graduate. He published his first comic stripes in Kekec in 1957 and continued in Jeju, Politikin Zabavnik, Little Jeju, Children’s newspaper, Smiling newspapers, Veseloj svesci, Politika, Vidicima, Mladosti, Maslačku … Short comics were published in France, Italy, and […]

Mike Scott

Cartoonist, animator Born in 1982, Johannesburg, South Africa. Full name is Michael David Petrie Scott. Went to Michaelhouse boarding school in Natal, studied half Fine Arts degree at Rhodes in Grahamstown, has a BComm (Business of Communication) degree from Bond University. Scott was one of 15 Africans that took part in UNESCO’s ‘Africa Animated. He […]

Prokopljevic Jovan

Cartoonist, caricaturist, architect Born in 1940. Received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture (1967) and worked as an architect. First caricature was his hobby, but then he was hired by Politika in 1994 and contributed to the paper until 2010. With Zemun cartoonist Predrag Koraksić Corax and others, Prokopljević worked […]

Plikat Ari

Cartoonist, illustrator Plikat studied visual communication in Leeds and Dortmund. As a cartoonist, he publishes in such issues as Titanic, Eulenspiegel, Zitty, Pardon, taz, Stern and in the Berliner Tagesspiegel. He is also an illustrator for various book projects and the advertising industry. Many of his cartoons have been published in book form. Wikipedia

Otas Nikola

Cartoonist, illustrator, sculptor Born in 1960 the village of Deliblato in Serbia. Attended navy school in Split and worked as a navy officer (submariner). Later studied art. Since 1980. draws cartoons. Took part on many cartoon festivals and has been awarded by several prizes. Also doing illustrations and caricatural sculptures.

Lipiec Jerzy (Eliot)

Cartoonist, illustrator Graduated from the School of Wood Industry in Zwierzyniec, he studied Polish at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. He made his debut in Konfrontacjach, a student addition to Kuriera Lubelskiego. He published his works in such issues as Polityka, Radar, Tu i teraz, Tygodnik Demokratyczny, Szpilki, Rzeczywistość, Karuzela. From the beginning of […]

Gossanyi Peter

Cartoonist After finishing Primary School in Humenne he graduated from the Secondary School of Art Industry in Bratislava. He continued his studies at the Philosophical Faculty of the P. J. Šafárik University in Prešov, where in 1972 he graduated from Slovak Art Education Faculty. After completing his university studies he worked for three years at […]

Ghafarizadeh Behzad

Cartoonist, illustrator Born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran, and grew up in an art-centered family. He graduated from the University of Quebec (École de technologie supérieure , Montreal) and received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2006, Ghafarizadeh’s first individual cartoon exhibition was held in the “Iranian House of Cartoon” in Tehran. His works […]

Chodorowski Antoni

Cartoonist, drawer, painter, illustrator, photographer, poster artist He began his studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, and ended in 1975 at the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, with a specialty industrial design, a diploma in the studio of prof. Wroblewski. He […]

Akiyama Takashi

Cartoonist, poster artist Born in 1952 in Nagaoka-shi, Niigata, Japan. Got B.A. at Tama Art University and M.A. at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Takashi is a professor at Tama Art University and the Director of Takashi Akiyama Poster Museum in Nagaoka. Won the Golden Prize at The Warsaw International Poster Biennial. […]

Salamova Kubra

Cartoonist She was born in Baku in 1984. She graduated from Azerbaijan State Academy of Arts in 2005. She has been engaged in cartoons recently. She has been working as a painter on “Uch Alma” (Three apples) children’s maga¬zine since 2006. She is the competitor and prize winner of international cartoon competitions held both in […]

Radlov Nikolay

Cartoonist, art critic, teacher, painter, drawer Born in Saint Petersburg. His ancestors hail from Radlo, Czech Republic, which image was placed at their noble family arms. His grandfather was a philologist, his father was managing Public library in Petrograd. His mother, born as Davydova, was Vrubel`s cousin. Radlov graduated from the classic department of Anneschule […]

Gumus Musa

Cartoonist. Musa Gümüş was born in 1963 in Gaziantep (in South Turkey, near the Syrian border). He graduated from the Department of Business Administration and Management at Marmara University. He currently lives and works in Istanbul. He started drawing cartoons when he was a high school student. His first cartoon was published in 1979 and […]

Browne Christopher Kelly

Cartoonist Browne, Christopher Kelly is an American cartoonist born in South Orange, New Jersey. The son of cartoonist Dik Browne, Chris Browne was raised in Connecticut and lists his only formal artistic training as one month at the Philadelphia College of Art. He had his first cartoon published by the YMCA when he was 13 […]

Cox Palmer

Cartoonist, comic artist, illustrator, writer, poet Palmer Cox (April 28, 1840 – July 24, 1924) was a Canadian illustrator and author, best known for The Brownies, his series of humorous verse books and comic strips about the mischievous but kindhearted fairy-like sprites. The cartoons were published in several books, such as The Brownies, Their Book […]

Covarrubias Duclaud José Miguel

Cartoonist, painter, illustrator ethnograph Miguel Covarrubias also known as José Miguel Covarrubias Duclaud was a Mexican painter, caricaturist, illustrator, ethnologist and art historian. José Miguel Covarrubias Duclaud was born 22 November 1904 in Mexico City. After graduating from the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria at the age of 14, he started producing caricatures and illustrations for texts […]

Kliban Bernard

Cartoonist Bernard “Hap” Kliban (January 1, 1935 – August 12, 1990) was a cartoonist born in Norwalk, Connecticut. Kliban studied at Pratt Institute but left without graduating and spent time painting and traveling in Europe before moving to California, where he lived in the North Beach section of San Francisco with his first wife Mary […]

Киттельсен Теодор Северин

Cartoonist, drawer, illustrator, writer He is one of the most popular artists in Norway. Kittelsen became famous for his nature paintings, as well as for his illustrations of fairy tales and legends, especially of troll. Kittelsen was born in the coastal town of Kragerø in Telemark county, Norway. His father died at an early age, […]

Kaulbach Wilhelm von

Cartoonist, painter, illustrator Was a German painter, noted mainly as a muralist, but also as a book illustrator. His murals decorate buildings in Munich. He is associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting. His father combined painting and engraving with the goldsmith’s trade. The family was so poor that he and his sister were glad […]

Cam Omer

Cartoonist Born in 1965. Art director in an advertising company.

Khalil Raed

Cartoonist Raed Khalil was born in March 1973 in Syria. He started publishing his drawings in 1988 and since then, he has participated of many national and international competitions and has got many awards. He has also participated of many exhibitions in various countries like Syria, Belgian, Italy, Turkey, Japan among others. He was a […]

Cakmak Huseyin

Cartoonist Born in 1964 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He began to draw cartoons in 1976. Solo exhibitions: 1983 in Nicosia, 2002 in Osijeka, 2002 Turkey, 2003 Poland. Published in a number of newspapers and magazines in Cyprus (Yeni Duzen, Bozkurt, Ortam, Genclik, Ozgurluk, Kibris Postasi, Soz, Xaravgi, Akrep, Nokta Kibns, Lololo, Yesil Ada, Vatan, Kibrisli, Avrupa, […]