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Tomaszewski Henryk

Cartoonist, poster artist Henryk Tomaszewski was born on June 10, 1914 in Warsaw, Poland, into a family of musicians. In 1934, he entered the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1939. During World War II and the Nazi occupation of Poland, Tomaszewski made a living with his paintings, drawings and woodcuts, which were […]

Tofano Sergio (Sto)

Cartoonist, illustrator, set designer, actor, director, playwright Tofano was born in Rome. In 1909 he performed on stage for the first time with Ermete Novelli, then joined the troupe of Virgilio Talli (1913-23). Soon he specialized as a comic actor, giving his role a new elegance and complexity. He has worked with other famous actors […]

Toaspern Otto

26.03.1863 – 1925 Cartoonist, illustrator Born in Brooklyn. New York, on March 26. 1863. Otto Toaspern was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (1888) and became a genre and portrait painter in America; he also taught at the National Academy. As a cartoonist and illustrator, he drew for Harper’s, Century, […]

Kelly Walt (Walter)

Cartoonist, comic artist Walter Kelly was born into an Irish-American family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When he was two years old, the family moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut. After graduating from high school in 1930, Kelly worked odd jobs until he got a job as a crime news columnist for the Bridgeport Post newspaper. In parallel with […]

Tippit Jack

Cartoonist Tippit was born in Texas. He graduated from Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University) in 1947. He also attended Syracuse University, graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in 1949. Tippit had a long career in the military, serving as a combat pilot in World War II and as a pilot, trainer, and […]

Torii Kazuyoshi

Manga artist, cartoonist, Professor Torii was born in Kamata, a defunct village today part of Okazaki, and began his career as an assistant to Fujio Akatsuki. He officially debuted as a mangaka in 1968 in Weekly Shōnen Sunday with the manga “Kuchinashi Inu” (“Dog without a Mouth”). He is best known for his defiant, taboo-free […]

Thony Eduard

Illustrator, cartoonist Thоny fue muy prolífico en su colaboración con las publicaciones Simplicissimus y Jugend, para las que realizó muchas caricaturas, sobre todo sobre el ejército y los hombres de negocio. También se le reconoce su trabajo como caricaturista de la vida estudiantil y como pintor impresionista. Era amigo íntimo de Ludwig Thoma y Rudolf […]

Yeoman Antonia

Cartoonist, illustrator Antonia Yeoman/Beryl Botterill Thompson, also known as Anton. Yeoman was born in Esk in Queensland, Australia, as Beryl Botterill Thompson. Her father was an English rancher and ran a sheep farm.  Her parents took her to England, where her brother was born and her father died. Her mother Ida May (Cook), who was […]

Bert Thomas

Cartoonist Welsh cartoonist born in Newport, Monmouthshire, in 1883. “Arf a mo’, Kaiser!” was the caption to one of the most famous cartoons in British history. Bert Thomas whipped it off in ten minutes flat—a scribbled sketch showing a typical Tommy Atkins pausing to light his pipe before marching off to war. It caught the […]

Terry Paul

Cartoonist, cartoonist, watercolorist Terry Paul, american cartoonist born in San Mateo, California, on February 19.1887. Paul Terry grew up in San Francisco, where he got his first art training at Polytechnic High School. Ho started out as a newspaper cartoonist on the San Francisco Chronicle in 1904, then went on to the Call. In the […]

Krumpolec Vojtech

Cartoonist, designer Born on January 5, 1947 in Topolcany, Slovakia. He studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. For a long time he worked as a designer at the State Institute of Design. In his artistic work, he concentrated on caricature and working with wood. Artist of the […]

Krstevski Zlatko

Cartoonist, painter Born in 1969 in Prilep. Graduated from the School of Fine Arts. Member of the ULSS art Community (Shabac, Serbia). President of the Macedonian Fine Arts Center “Vizant” (“Vizant”). The artist’s works have been exhibited as part of 22 solo exhibitions in Macedonia and Serbia (in the former Yugoslavia). Participated in exhibitions: Japan […]

Topan Cristian

Cartoonist Born on 19 October 1963, and started doing cartoons in 1980. He has been an editorial cartoonist since 1990, worked for various Romanian newspapers. Also, an art director of ‘Maxim press’. Personal exhibitions in Bucuresti, Calarasi (Romania), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Novi Sad (Serbia). Ceramics cartoon exhibition in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands)in 2007, third prize in […]

Coia Emilio

Cartoonist An artist who became famous in the early 1930s as a widely published cartoonist. Coia was born on 13 April, 1911 in Glasgow. He was the son of Italian immigrant Giovanni Coia, an ice cream vendor in Glasgow, who trained him as an artist. Educated at St Mungo’s Academy and Glasgow School of Art, […]

Guadalupe Posada José

Graphic artist, cartoonist, book illustrator He was taught to read, write and draw by his older brother, a school teacher. In 1871 he began publishing political cartoons in the local newspaper El Jicote (“Bumblebee”). After the closure of the newspaper, which offended the authorities, Posada moved to Leon. He opened a shop of prints, lithographs, […]

Kouz Jon

Painter, caricaturist John Cawse, was an English painter and caricaturist. He was born on 25 December 1778, the son of Charles Woodruffe Cawse and his wife Mary, of Little Prescott Street, Whitechapel. His father described himself in his will as a “Staymaker and Dealer in Whale Fins”. Early in his career he was employed to […]

Otas Nikola

Cartoonist, illustrator, sculptor He was born in the village of Deliblato in Serbia. He attended navy school in Split and worked as a navy officer submariner. Later he studied art. Since 1980 he began to draw cartoons. He took part on many cartoon festivals and he had been awarded by several prizes. Also, he did […]

Sunnerberg Constantin

1970 Cartoonist Sunnerberg Constantin, was born in 1970 in Moscow (USSR).  He now lives and works in Brussells, and he has been published in many national and international newspaper such as Le Soir, Courrier international, Espace de Libertes, Journal du Mardi, Le Vif-L’express, among ot. Reference:, 2020  

Siguta Peter

19.04.1955 – 9.11.2013 Cartoonist Siguta Pyotr Pavlovich was born in 1955. Graduated from the Odessa Institute of National Economy. From 1977 to 1993 he served in the army, actively engaged in caricature, participating in All-Union and international competitions. Since 1993 – staff cartoonist of one of the Odessa newspapers, chief artist, editor-in-chief of a number […]

Serdarvic Senaid

Cartoonist Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010  

Kocan Husamettin

1946 Cartoonist Born in Bayburt, Turkey in 1946. In 1970 graduated from the State School of Applied Arts. In 1978 granted study at the Salzburg International Sommer Akademie Für Bildende Kunst, Austria. In 1990 – 95 Chairman for UNESCO AIAP International Plastic Arts Foundation, Turkey. In 1993 received professorship at the Faculty of Fine Arts, […]

Coutarelli Demetrios

Cartoonist Member of FECO Greece (Levadia) and the Union of Illustrators of Greece. Took part in hundreds of humor festivals around the world. Works with various magazines and newspapers. Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010    

Cornejo Santiago

Cartoonist, illustrator, art director His cartoons and illustrations printed in magazines and newspapers of many countries: U.S.A., England, Argentina, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, China, etc. Humor magazines: “MAD”, “Cracked”, “Nebelspatef, “Jockester”. 2 books published with recompilations of his cartoons. Illustrated more than 30 Children’s books. He have got prizes in 12 cartoon contests (Vericelli, Italy – […]

Botezat Konstantin

Artist, designer, cartoonist Konstantin Botezat is an experienced Moldovan artist who has been living in London since 2018. He had his exhibitions in Paris, Hollywood, New York, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, London, Lisbon, Barry, Moscow, Cluj-Napoca, București and Chisinau. solo exhibitions: 2019-Talent Festival: Victoria Hotel Plaza, London (U.K.) 2018- “Transylvania” Husk Creative Space, London […]

Kononenko Anatoly

Cartoonist Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010    

Mazzucato Sergio

Cartoonist Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2022  

Cavallerin Sergio

Cavallerin Sergio Cartoonist Born in 1957 in Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Where he lives and works all his life. Reference: BEC (the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2010  

Kazys Siaulytis Kestutis

Cartoonist, teacher In 1971 he graduated from Naujoji Akmenė in the 1st grade, 1976 – Art Faculty of Siauliai Pedagogical Institute. In 1976 he entered the University of Klaipeda. Since 1978 – works in the editorial office of “Shluot”: artist, deputy editor; collaborated with other media. From 1992 to 1999, he published and edited publications […]

Komarnitski Christo

Cartoonist, comic artist, animator Born in 1964, the artist was educated at The School of Fine Arts. He works was presently at a wide range of fields comprising animation films, comic strips, political cartoons and multimedia. He has published almost 2000 cartoons in the Bulgarian daily paper ” Demokratsia” and in the weekly magazines ” […]

Bransom Paul

1885–19.06.1979 Cartoonist, illustrator, comic artist Bransom Paul, american cartoonist and illustrator born in Washington, D.C., in 1885. Paul Bransom left school at 13 to work on technical drawings for the Patent Office. He enjoyed sketching at Washing­ton’s National Zoo, and his familiarity with the natural world led to his first work in cartooning. In 1903 […]