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Acevedo Juan Carter “The Cat”

Cartoonist, illustrator, designer Born in Santiago de Chile on July 4, 1961. Came to Spain in 1988. Juan Carter studied architecture and urbanism at the University of Chile, where he graduated with a degree in 1985. His interest in painting awoke very early: at the age of 6, he drew a portrait of Queen Elizabeth […]

Torkaman Rahmani Amir Reza

Сartoonist Born 1 august 1992 in Tehran Education: Master of Civil Engineering, Road and Transportation, Islamic Azad University Tehran North Branch Start drawing cartoons and caricature since 2003 Cartoon and Caricature Awards: • First Prize of the Workshop for Blessing in portraite design (2008) • First Prize of the Workshop for Arts and Creativity in […]

Murillo Ferreol

Cartoonist, illustrator Born in 1956, Alajuela Costa Rica Studied graphic desing and ilustration at the University of Costa Rica, Participed in International Cartoon Contest in Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Bulgaria, U.S.A., Israel, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Italy and Japan. AWARDS: 1989,1991,1992 Germany; 1996 Switzerland; 2003 Japan; 2004 Israel 2006 Israel and Serbia.

Kazantsev Mikhail

Cartoonist, businessman, psychologist Mikhail Kazantsev was born in 1964 in Leningrad. He spent his childhood in a small polar town. This contributed to the development of imagination, craving for reading books and drawing. The first children’s discovery about himself – amazing ability to visualize. Reading books, Mikhail sank into a kind of trance state in […]