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Karakas Damir

Cartoonist, writer, journalist, playwright, theater director Damir Karakaš (Damir Karakas) was born in 1967 in the village of Plašćica in Lika, the mountainous region of Croatia. After studying agronomy, law, and journalism in Zagreb he was reporting for Croatian daily newspaper Večernji list, later becoming a reporter from war-fronts in Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. In […]

Musa Kayra

Cartoonist, graphic artist, poster artist, photographer, animator Born in Cyprus, Musa Kayra started drawing cartoons in 1979. His caricatures were published in magazines and newspapers; Yeni Düzen, Söz, Kurtuluş, Kıbrıs Postası, Akrep, Ortam, Halkın Sesi, Olay, Kıbrıs Sanat and Toplum Postası (London). He exhibited his own cartoons in Bremen (Germany) once, in Cyprus twelve times; […]

Cavalcanti Lailson de Holanda

Сartoonist, caricaturist, comic book designer, musician, publicist, journalist Specialist in graphic humor, he is a curator of theme festivals and researcher. He has numerous works published in Brazil and Spain, including adaptations of classics of Portuguese and Brazilian literature to comics. He began publishing his drawings in the United States, where he received the Award […]

Zimka Ondrej

Cartoonist, illustrator, painter, writer Ondrej Zimka born November 29, 1937, in Turzovka on Kysuciach. After graduating in 1964, the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of Painting and general product design (prof. P. Matejka, J. Chovan), was working in the capital. The theme of his cartoons were the motives of village myths, legends. Fairies, […]

Zabransky Vlasta

Cartoonist, painter, drawer, illustrator Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, cartoonist and aphorist living in Brno, Czech Republic. The crucial part of his creation of cartoons however published in Slovakia in the sixties and the first half of seventies in magazines Rohac and Kulturny zivot. His original approach fundamentally affected the level of Slovak cartooning.

Zbigniew Jujka

Zbigniew Zhuikov born July 23, 1935 in Starym Targu .. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk in the Department of Interior Design. He made his debut as a satirical cartoonist in 1953, “Newspaper Zielona” and then began to work with “Dziennik Baltic”, where he stayed for more than 30 years as […]

Saint Pierre Eugenio

Cartoonist After classical studies of jurisprudence and three years of experience at the advertising office of the lsalsider, he left Genoa and moved to Treviso as a manager for the Triveneto of Famiglia Cristiana advertising office. He worked on billboards and specialized press until he joined Sipra / Rai, thus completing his experience in the […]

Marcio Dil

Cartoonist Graduated in architecture. He has been dedicated to graphic humor since 1971. He published his works in the newspapers and magazines Pasquim, O Globo, Última Hora, Folha de Londrina, JB, MAD, Butts, OPasquim21, 360º Communication. Awarded at the Ecovision Festival of ecological cartoons – Lille, France; at the Humor Festival of Ancona, Italy; at […]

Geoffroy Anthony

Cartoonist, caricaturist Geoffrey made a series of caricatures of your favorite heroes television series, as well as famous actors and artists.

Divandari Ali

Cartoonist, painter, graphic designer, sculptor and journalist Divandari studied Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran University. He began his career as Graphic Designer and Cartoonist in 1975. In 1997, He directed a new International Cartoon Festival in Iran with the main theme of “man and Nature – Only one, Share & Care”. […]

Dzwonik, Cristian

Cartoonist Cristian Dzwonik (Buenos Aires, March 18, 1971), better known by his pseudonym Nik, is an Argentinian cartoonist, creator of the character Gaturro and a graphic humorist in the newspaper La Nación. In 2002 he won the platinum Konex award for as the best graphic comedian, and five times the SIP (Inter-American Press Association) prize. […]


Cartoonist, comic artist, critic Since the beginning of 1980 led reviews of films, literature and creative writing, he was a film critic and wrote for various newspapers and magazines. The country has about 50 publications, for which received a national award. He created more than 3,000 comics published in over than 400 newspapers. He participated […]

D’Avgustino Tony

Сartoonist, writer, illustrator, animator, director, actor and sociologist. He was educated in the field of sociology of art. He created a series of illustrations and animations in 2D format. He collaborates with the leading publishing houses in Brazil: Abril, Globo, Scale, and many others. Publishes caricatures and illustrations in the Folha de Sao Paulo. He […]

Gomez Felipe Galindo (Feggo)

Cartoonist, illustrator, animator Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide and has held nineteen solo shows, including a traveling exhibition about the twining of Mexican and New York cultures, called Manhatitlan. His award-winning animations include The Manhatitlan Chronicles and shorts for MTV’s Liquid Television. In addition, he is the author of […]

Partch Virgil Franklin

Cartoonist Virgil Franklin Partch, better known as VIP, has a unique slant to his cartoons and a style that’s instantly recognizable. Born in Alaska in 1916, he studied at the University of Arizona in Tucson and the Chouinard Art Institute in California. He says, “I rather prided myself in my anatomical studies while in school. […]

Esquius Pierre Thorne

Сartoonist, painter, illustrator (1879-1936) In his work, quite often there are images of interiors – these are works of a small format with the absence of any characters. “The garden with a rocking chair”, although it is a street scene (the facade of the house is captured), retains the same feeling of intimacy and intimacy […]

Hule Hanusic

Cartoonist, illustrator, technical editor • Husejin Hanusic, in the world of caricature known under Pseudonym “Hule”, was born 1953 in Bijeljina, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. In 1972 he moved to the town of Brcko, where he worked as a teacher in several different schools. • From 1987 he was employed in the local newspaper “Graditelj ” […]

Kaminsky Leonid Davidovich

Cartoonist, graphic artist, poster artist, architect, editor, journalist Leonid Davidovich Kaminsky was born on April 27, 1931, in Kalinkovichi in the Gomel region. He graduated from the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute in 1954 and the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1966. Member of the creative unions of St. Petersburg: writers, artists, journalists, theatrical figures. The main […]

Heartfield John

Cartoonist, German artist, photographer, poster artist, and decorator. Was an artist and a pioneer in the use of art as a political weapon. Some of his photomontages were anti-Nazi and anti-fascist statements. Heartfield also created book jackets for authors such as Upton Sinclair, as well as stage sets for such playwrights as Bertolt Brecht and […]

Allahyarova Wafa

Cartoonist illustrator Allahyarova-Jafarova Wafa Ibrahim Gizi was born in 1965 in the city of Baku. In 1984, she graduated from the Azerbaijan State Technical School. As UNICEF she participated in the organization of social and cultural life of the country. She also conducted free training programs and lessons, collaborated with magazines, created miniatures, cartoons, illustrations, […]

Aimbetov Nuran Ryskeldinovich

Cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator, graphic designer. Born on March 13, 1958, in Karabulak, Taldykorgan region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. He graduated from the art and graphic department of the Shymkent State Pedagogical University. In 1979-86 he worked as a teacher of drawing and painting at a specialized art school in Taldykorgan. He worked as an […]

Aghaseyedhosseini Seyedmeysam

Cartoonist Born in 1983 in Rey, Iran. Since an early age he loved cycling, and he traveled around Iran bicycle. In one of these trips he had some health problems, the rescue team The Iranian Red Crescent Society helped him. Thereafter incident, he decided to join the team. Under the coordination of the Iranian Red […]


A freelance cartoonist. Was born in Semarang, Indonesia in 1963. His cartoons are published at some Indonesian newspapers and magazines For international competition he has participated in several international cartoon contest: Honorable mention GOLDEN KEG 2017 Slovakia SPECIAL PRIZE CARICATUR PHILOSOPHY WANG YANG MING 2017 China Certificate list selected Humour at Gura humorului 2017 Rumania […]

Matushka Pavel

Cartoonist Born in 1944 in Třebehovice near Orebem, Czech Republic He graduated from the Rychnov N.K. school in 1962 By 1984 he became a designer in advertising. The winner of the jury: Japan, Italy, Belgium, France, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and more. 16-year cooperation with the magazine Nebelspalter (Switzerland).

Zarifian Mohsen

Cartoonist Born in 1976 in the city of Bojnourd in Iran. He graduated from AmirKabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) in computer hardware engineering (BS) in Tehran and worked in the field of web programming. In addition, since 1991, he has worked as a professional cartoonist with many major newspapers and magazines in Iran. He […]