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Sixta George

1909-1986 Cartoonist American cartoonist born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 13, 1909. George Sixta went to school in his native Chicago. While in high school, he took classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, where he worked under Everett Lowry (1927-28). In 1929 Sixta joined the art staff of the Chicago Times, contributing gag […]

Sergeev Vyacheslav Dmitrievich

Cartoonist, illustrator. Born in Podolsk in 1941. In 1969 he graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. He collaborated with publishing houses “Malysh”, “Detskaya Literatura”, worked in the children’s magazine “Murzilka” for many years. Since 1999 he began to draw and publish the cartoons. Among the books illustrated by the artist – a fairy tale “The […]

Selcuk Turhan

Cartoonist, comic artist Born in Milas/Turkey in 1922 His first cartoon was published in the newspaper “TÜTksózii” in 1941. As he was permanently drawing for the most famous satire magazine of the day ”Akbaba’, he also published cartoons in the magazines “Aydede”, “Yon”, “Devrim Omegi’ and for the daily newspapers, Yeni istanbul, Milliyet and Akam. […]

Sviderek Piotr

Cartoonist Piotr Sviderek was born in 1982 in Lodz He graduated from the Faculty of Ethnology, University of Lodz. His drawings were regularly published in the magazines “Newsweek” and “Pshekruy.” The author is also known under the alias Anna Vykley. BEC 2010

Sakhaltuev Radna Filippovich

Cartoonist, filmmaker – animator, book graphics Born on May 15, 1935 in Ulan-Ude. One and a half years he studied at the Moscow Pedagogical College of Art and graphic branch and not finished it, returned home in Ulan-Ude. Later, In 1955 he entered the Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow, Art Department, in drawing film […]

Souter David Henry

(1862-1935) Cartoonist, writer-playwright, illustrator Australian cartoonist born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1862. In the Bulletin newspaper’s early development, artist contributors were slow in coming, but gradually in the 1890s a renowned band of artists was attracted to its pages. In one decade artists such as D.H. Souter, Frank Mahony, George Lambert, Percy Spence, A.H. Fullwood, […]

De Souza Carlos Estevao

(1921-1972) Cartoonist, publisher Brazilian cartoonist born in Recife, Brazil, in 1921. Carlos Estevan (as he signs his work) studied art first in his native city, then in Rio de Janeiro. In the early 1940s he began contributing to O Cruzeiro and Diretrizes. Later he worked for Diario da Noite and O Jornal. A man of […]

Sajtinac Borislav

Cartoonist, animator Yugoslav cartoonist and animator born 1943 in Belgrade. After graduation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Borislav Sajtinac started his career as a humor cartoonist on such publications as fez and Kerempuh in Belgrade. He began working on animated films in 1966, contributing to such cartoons as In Love with Three […]

Dos Santos Antonio Manuel

Cartoonist, illustrator, teacher, journalist Born in V.N. de Gala, (1968), now living in Gatab, Amarante. Illustrator of several classroom books for publishers such as Porto Editora and Edicoes Nova Gaia. Teacher since 1994 (Drawing). Contributor of the Newspaper O Reporter do Marao. Solo exhibitions: School EB 2,3 of Toutosa Traditional restaurant Quelha Library of the […]

Savkov Ilian

Сartoonist Born 1961 in Kritchim, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Editorial cartoonist for Standart Daily Bulgaria. Working cartoons, drawings and painting. Inspired by abstract art. Awards in cartoon contests: 2015: Zemun, Serbia: Zemun International Salon Of Caricature: First Prize 2013: World Press Cartoon, Sintra, Portugal: Honourable Mention 2010: Gabrovo, Bulgaria: Annual Award of the House of Humour 2008: […]

Sawka Henryk

Cartoonist Henryk Sawka is one of the most recognizable Polish caricature masters. His first work was published in 1985 on the pages of the student magazine “Itd”. Since 1991, he collaborates with the weekly “Vprost” and “Politics” magazine. His drawings appeared in the TV program “Savka more than life.” In 1995 he received the gold […]

Rulevsky Sergey

Cartoonist His works were published in regional newspapers. Member of The Club of Merry Meetings in Odessa BEC 1986

Rudic Nikola

Cartoonist, comics artist Born in 1934 The artist was educated at The Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He is, besides being a cartoonist, a painter and also draws comic strips. He has contributed his work to both national and International contests. He has been a jury member at the Hürriyet International Cartoon Competition in […]

Robinson Jerry

Cartoonist, comics artist Known as Jerry Robinson, was an American comic book artist known for his work on DC Comics’ Batman line of comics during the 1940s. He is best known as the co-creator of Robin and the Joker and for his work on behalf of creators’ rights. He was inducted into the Comic Book […]

Reznichek von Ferdinand

Cartoonist Ferdinand Freiherr von Řezníček was an Austrian painter, caricaturist, and illustrator. Born to a noble Austrian family of Czech descent, he was a half-brother of composer Emil von Řezníček. Von Řezníček’s father was a military officer, and became a cavalry officer before following his artistic inclinations. In 1888, he set up an art studio […]

Revere Paul

Cartoonist, sil¬versmith Paul was born in Boston. Paul Revere was primarily a silversmith, but his versatil¬ity was amazing: he experimented with transferring silverwork techniques to copperplate; he engraved some of the earliest American cartoons: his activities as revolutionist, propagandist and patriot are well documented; he manufactured gunpowder, discovered the process for rolling sheet copper and […]

Raczkowski Marek

Cartoonist, artist He graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He was engaged in painting, poster, scenography. As a cartoonist he made his debut in 1992. Marek Raczkowski’s name is connected with two respected Polish magazines – with Politika, where he published his works since 1993, and with another weekly magazine, Pshekrui.


Cartoonist Born in 1968. He was a correspondent of the magazine “Witty World”, at the same time was a teacher of cartoon arts for kids at the Orval Art School. His cartoons give outstanding messages for love, peace and environmental concerns. Ramos organized his first solo exhibition in Perú and displayed a second one at […]

Pronichkin Alexander

(1949-..) Cartoonist Was born in 1949.\ Graduated from the Pedagogical Institute. The first cartoon was published in 1972. Laureate of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper cartoon competition in 1985. Participant of all-union and international exhibitions. BEC 1985

Pom (Jozef Van Hove)

Cartoonist Jozef Van Hove, better known as Pom was a Belgian comics writer and artist, mainly known for the comic strip Piet Pienter en Bert Bibber published in Gazet van Antwerpen. Pom was one of the best known Flemish comics authors of the 1950s. Between 1955 and 1995, 45 comic books were published of his […]

Pijet André

Cartoonist His satirical and humorous works have been published in Poland, Greece, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey, the United States and Canada. In Quebec, he made a name for himself with a series of cartoons related to the 1993-94 hockey playoffs which he produced for a major Montreal daily newspaper. André Pijet settled in […]

Paul Bruno

Cartoonist, architect, graphic artist, designer Paul was born in Seifhennersdorf, a village in rural Saxony, in 1874. His father was an independent tradesman, craftsman, and dealer in building materials. At twelve years old Paul left Seifhennersdorf for Dresden, where he briefly attended Gymnasium before entering a teacher’s training school. By 1892 he was determined to […]

Pascin Julius

Cartoonist, painter Julius Mordecai Pincas known as Pascin (pronounced: [pas.kin]; erroneously French: [pas.kɛ̃] or [pa.sɛ̃]),Jules Pascin, or the “Prince of Montparnasse”, was a Bulgarian artist known for his paintings and drawings. He later became an American citizen. His most frequent subject was women, depicted in casual poses, usually nude or partly dressed. Pascin was educated […]


Cartoonist He was born in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela in 1944. The artist whose first cartoons appeared in a weekly magazine “Marcha” in 1968, settled in Montevideo/Uru¬guay in 1951. Besides Marcha, his national political cartoons appeared in “Extra, De Frento, Aho¬ra” and his drawings in a humour magazine “La Balota” between 1971 and 1973. […]

Ošs Ēriks

Cartoonist Born on March 13, 1927. The cartoonist of magazines “Dadzis” and “Latvijas Avize”. He received an award for the best caricature in the competition “Professional Journalist 2013” organized by the Latvian Union of Journalists.

Ozkan Fayyar

Cartoonist, comic book artist, teacher Born in Anatolia in 1962. He published his first cartoon in the local political newspaper in 1978. In subsequent years, he published his work in a variety of comic magazines and newspapers, as well as made illustrations for children’s books, creating greeting cards. After moving to USA in 1989, he […]

Listes Nicola

Cartoonist illustrator Nikola Listesh was born on January 10, 1960 in the Croatian city of Split. He attended high school in his hometown. He published his first work in the SN magazine. Later created work for the company Disney. He is co-author of the Croatian weekly magazine Sedmo osjetilo. His most famous work as an […]

Neyestani Touka

Cartoonist Touka Neyestani, (born 1960 in Shahrood, Iran) is an Iranian political cartoonist who lives in Toronto, Canada. He is the brother of Mana Neyestani, who is also a cartoonist. Neyestani collaborates with more than 40 newspapers in Iran, he also does cartooning for “Nebel Spalter”, a weekly printed in Switzerland. He has participated in several international cartoon exhibitions taking place in […]

Neyestani Mana

Cartoonist, illustrator, comic book artist Mana Neyestani (born 1973 in Tehran) is an Iranian cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book creator. His work appears internationally in economic, intellectual, political and cultural magazines. He is particularly known for his work for reformist papers in Iran and Persian language websites Radio Zamaneh, Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society, and IranWire. He is also well-known because of his […]

Nardi Marilena

Cartoonist, illustrator, teacher Born in the 1966 in Vicenza (Italy) From 1992 She was a teacher of Artistic Anatomy to the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice From 1984 She got many prizes and exhibitions in Italy and in the world (for illustration and humour graphic) Her illustrations were in the museums of: Bajardo, Bronzolo, […]